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I Will Fucking Piledrive You If You Mention AI Again
  • This is brilliant and I’m saving it and will post a link to it the next time someone at work asks why we can’t “just use AI to do it” when a ticket gets rejected for being stupid and/or unreasonable.


    The first is that we have some sort of intelligence explosion, where AI recursively self-improves itself, and we're all harvested for our constituent atoms […]. It may surprise some readers that I am open to the possibility of this happening, but I have always found the arguments reasonably sound.

    Yeah, I gotta admit, I am surprised. Because I have not found a single reasonable argument for this horseshit and the rest of the article (as well as the others I read from their blog) does not read like it’s been written by someone who’d buy into AI foom.

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 23 June 2024
  • Seriously, could someone gift this dude a subscription to so he can finally cum?

    One thing that's crazy: it's not just skeptics, virtually EVERYONE in AI has a terrible track record - and all in the same OPPOSITE direction from usual! In every other industry, due to the Planning Fallacy etc, people predict things will take 2 years, but they actually take 10 years. In AI, people predict 10 years, then it happens in 2!


  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 23 June 2024
  • Microsoft announced that 2024 will be the era of the AI PC, and unveiled that upcoming Windows PCs would ship with a dedicated Copilot button on the keyboard.

    Tell me they're desperate because not many people use that shit without telling me they're desperate because not many people use that shit.

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 23 June 2024
  • Do they think intelligence is limited to speaking fancy, and/or having the tools to solve specific problems?

    Yes. They literally think that. I mean, why else would they assume a spicy text extruder with a built-in thesaurus is so smart?

  • Yud lettuce know that we just don't get it :(
  • There’s a giant overlap between Christian fundamentalism and the whole singularity shtick, and Yud’s whole show is really the technological version of Christian futurist eschatology (i.e. the belief that the Book of Revelations etc. are literal depictions of the future).

    Cory Doctorow and Charlie Stross call it Rapture of the Nerds.

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 16 June 2024
  • Oh look, Elon openly snuggling up to Nazis and "just asking questions". As if I didn't hate this clown enough.

    (For anyone out of the loop: the AfD is a far-right political party in Germany and the spiritual successor to the NSDAP. They're praising the SS, advocate for legalization of holocaust denial and historical revisionism, removal of hate crimes from the code of law, and more. They're so openly Nazis that they got kicked out of the EU parliament's far-right ID coalition for being too fucking Nazi. There's no leeway. They're literal card-carrying national socialists.)

  • "You can see the future first in San Francisco." OpenAI alumnus Leopold Aschenbrenner pours out a worshipful paean to the AI future, just as if GPT wasn't topping out its S-curve
  • I'm reading Feynman's lectures on electromagnetism right now, and GPT-4o can answer questions and help me with the math. I doubt that even a smart high school would be able to do it.

    Ten bucks this guy hasn’t double-checked anything his chatbot told him but accepted it as truth because it used big words in grammatically coherent ways.

  • the loons are at it again
  • They managed to make this even more stupid than the open letter from last year which had Yud among the signatories. At least that one was consistent in its message while this one somehow manages to shoehorn an Altman milquetoast well-akshually in that AI is, like, totes useful and stuff until it's gonna murder us all.

    Who are the even pandering to here?

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 9 June 2024
  • "You know, we just had a little baby, and I keep asking myself... how old is he even gonna get?"

    Tegmark, you absolute fucking wanker. If you actually believe your eschatological x-risk nonsense and still produced a child despite being convinced that he's going to be paperclipped in a few years, you're a sadistic egomaniacal piece of shit. And if you don't believe it and just lie for the PR, knowingly leading people into depression and anxiety, you're also a sadistic egomaniacal piece of shit.

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 9 June 2024
  • Many will point out that AI systems are not yet writing award-winning books, […]

    Holy shit, these chucklefucks are so full of themselves. To them, art and expression and invention are really just menial tasks which ought to be automated away, aren’t they? They claim to be so smart but constantly demonstrate they’re too stupid to understand that literature is more than big words on a page, and that all their LLMs need to do to replace artists is to make their autocomplete soup pretentious enough that they can say: This is deep, bro.

    I can’t wait for the first AI-brained litbro trying to sell some LLM’s hallucinations as the Finnegans Wake of our age.

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 9 June 2024
  • So apparently Mozilla has decided to jump on the bandwagon and add a roided Clippy to Firefox.

    I’m conflicted about this. On the one hand, the way they present it, accessibility does seem to be one of the very few non-shitty uses of LLMs I can think of, plus it’s not cloud-based. On the other hand, it’s still throwing resources onto a problem that can and should be solved elsewhere.

    At least they acknowledge the resource issue and claim that their small model is more environmentally friendly and carbon-efficient, but I can’t verify this and remain skeptical by default until someone can independently confirm it.

  • New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
  • There’s a MacOS app around that does pretty much the same thing called Rewind AI, but it’s a stupid subscription service as usual and for some inexplicable reason some people actually want this.

    While half of the reactions were “this is a the top of apps I wouldn’t install on my machine ever”, the other half was celebrating it in the name of our lord and savior productivity, going as far as saying this is a nice way to remember passwords …

  • America’s premier pronatalists on having ‘tons of kids’ to save the world: ‘There are going to be countries of old people starving to death’
  • The Collinses are atheists; they believe in science and data, studies and research. Their pronatalism is born from the hyper-rational effective altruism movement

    This is just gonna be eugenics, isn’t it?

    Malcolm describes their politics as “the new right – the iteration of conservative thought that Simone and I represent will come to dominate once Trump is gone.”

    What’s that now? Neo-alt-right? You can’t just add another fucking prefix anytime your stupid fascist movement goes off rails.

    One of the reasons why I chose to have only have two children is because I couldn’t afford to give more kids a good life; the bigger home, the holidays, the large car and everything else they would need.

    Yeah, what about giving them love or a warm relationship, or, you know, time?

    And then they wonder why those generations have shitty relationships with their parents when they seriously believe that what they need is a big fucking car, as if that’s the variable that was missing in all of this.

    Excuse me while I go and hug my daughter. I need to de-rationalize myself after reading this.

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 26 May 2024
  • I like recommending slightly obscure stuff to give it a bit more exposure.

    Crushes Bones, especially their song Nightshade Drips is a real banger.

    Alternative rock band from California, but one of the main people behind the project is the creator or a super obscure but really cool and well-made ARG called House of Aberdeen from a few years back that has since been deleted. I don’t like most ARGs but I really enjoyed that one and was sad when it was all deleted, and then I found out she’s making music now.

    Completely different, but the album Haunted by Poe, sister of author Mark Danielewski, is cool. It’s meant as an accompanying piece to his novel House of Leaves, which I recently read again.

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 26 May 2024
  • Songwhip kinda does that, but you need to start with a song or artist or album name, it can’t convert specific Spotify URLs. And it doesn’t link MusicBrainz for some reason.

    Also it’s closed-source so I have no real idea what happens behind the scenes.

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 26 May 2024
  • when my current (no-name) vertical mouse kicks the bucket I’m gonna have to see what repairable mouse kits are available to replace it

    If you like trackballs, Ploopy is great. They’re open source all the way down, mostly 3D-printable, and actually better than most commercially available trackballs.

    They also have a mouse kit, but I can’t speak for that.

  • Sam Altman is full of shit (and totally has a thing for Scarlett Johansson) Sam Altman Is Full Of Shit

    Note: In my last newsletter, I said that my next post would be the second part of my Facebook autopsy. Don’t worry, that’s still coming, but given the recent drama between Sam Altman, OpenAI, and Scarlett Johansson, I felt the need to write something. Don’t worry, I

    Sam Altman Is Full Of Shit

    Wake up honey, new Zitron just dropped.

    Looks like Sammy boy has a crush on Scarlett Johansson and wanted to model his sexy chatbot after her role in the movie Her. The damage control is actually hilarious.

    > Altman subsequently claimed that the actress for Sky was cast before the company reached out to Johansson.

    “Yeah, I don’t want to go out with you anyway. Also, I already have a girlfriend but she goes to a different school, so you wouldn’t know her. And no, I won’t tell you who it is!”

    I mean, we all knew that OpenAI is a fucking clown show of a company run by wannabe nerd frat boys with way too much money, but I didn’t think we’d get high school level relationship drama this season.


    Tired of just generating anime girls? How about letting roided Clippy play CSI? Court Bans Use of 'AI-Enhanced' Video Evidence Because That's Not How AI Works

    This AI hype cycle has dramatically distorted society's views of what's possible with image upscalers.

    Court Bans Use of 'AI-Enhanced' Video Evidence Because That's Not How AI Works

    It was honestly only a matter of time before someone thought we could try that thing where they identify a license plate from a reflection in some dude’s pupil for realsies.

    > Puloka’s lawyers reportedly used an “expert” in creative video production who’d never worked on a criminal case before to “enhance” the video. The AI tool this unnamed expert used was developed by Texas-based Topaz Labs, which is available to anyone with an internet connection.

    You wouldn’t know this expert though. He goes to a different school.

    > Large language models like ChatGPT have convinced otherwise intelligent people that these chatbots are capable of complex reasoning when that’s simply not what’s happening under the hood.

    And at least the judge here had more than five brain cells and shut that circus down. Let’s hope this sets a precedent.


    When your big tech brain completely fails to read the room. SXSW Audiences Loudly Boo Festival Videos Touting the Virtues of AI

    SXSW audiences all day booed a festival video (played Tuesday in front of screenings) featuring tech pundits touting their enthusiasm for AI.

    SXSW Audiences Loudly Boo Festival Videos Touting the Virtues of AI

    It seems like in the proceeds of building their alleged Star Trek utopia with robots and holodecks, tech bros have discovered that they’d rather be the Borg than Starfleet and have begun shilling the pros of getting yourself assimilated at SXSW of all places.

    > “I actually think that AI fundamentally makes us more human.”

    I think it makes us more brain damaged, with this guy being exhibit A, but I guess you could argue that’s a fundamental human property (unless you count hallucinating LLMs).

    > Those folks sure seem bullish on artificial intelligence, and the audiences at the Paramount — many of whom are likely writers and actors who just spent much of 2023 on the picket line trying to reign in the potentially destructive power of AI — decided to boo the video. Loudly. And frequently.

    Stop resisting the tech utopia they’re trying to build for you, or you’re literally doomers. Never mind that the people building said tech utopia are also doomers, but that’s different, because they worry about the real dangers like acausal robot basilisks torturing them for all eternity and not about petty shit like unemployment and poverty.

    Speaking of stopping resisting, another, more critical article about this conference has some real bangers they left out in the other one -- I wonder why. It has some sneers, too.

    > […] tech journo Kara Swisher—saying stuff like “you need to stop resisting and starting learning” about AI […].

    Yep, that's an actual quote. I'm filing that one under examples of being completely tone-deaf alongside "Do you guys not have phones?".

    > […] every company will use AI to “figure out how” to become “more efficient.”

    I’m sure the toxic productivity community on YouTube will gobble that shit up. It reminds me of that clown who made a video on how to consume media more efficiently by watching anime on 2x speed and skipping the "boring parts". I guess when we eliminate all human value from entertainment products, that might become a valid strategy.