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New youtube layout?
  • Does anyone know of a way to sync channel and have it auto-download to my server for watching how I want to?

  • PayPal’s Stance
  • Locking people's/businesses' accounts for "questionable" funds. By locking I mean they were keeping funds from being released from accounts for long periods of time. Enough so that 2 of my friend's small businesses ran out of funds and ended up having to shutdown. Among a ton of other things they were doing. The fund locking locking was just the worst they were doing/have been doing. (They will still do it.)

  • You know what inspired this meme
  • Go to that community, 'Block Community'. I honestly ever only hear about reddit in passing after removing it from my feed.

  • PayPal’s Stance
  • Yep, Paypal has been on my no list since early 2000.

  • Monkey brain gonna monkey brain
  • Monkey brain activates on body suit as well for me.

  • Hello Kitty creators reveal beloved character is not a cat to fan shock
  • This was already known/rumored of long before this.

  • Pinkyy
  • PetiteKelliLove

    Reverse image search, folks.

  • My new ride: A 2012 Triumph Street Triple R
  • You want 87+ for your model. The 89+ is for other models entirely.

  • Good mouse with good linux support
  • I have a Corsair Nightsword.

    There's an open source version of the software that, I don't think, is official but works well. It can rebind, set RGB, change DPI settings, and most if not everything the official software can.

    Corsair mice aren't the best, and the problems seem to be certain versions of their mice. (M65 is garbage. I went through 6 of them in 6 months.) Nightsword has been great though. Scimitar is good as well, have one that's 6 years old now.

  • Muay Thai fighter Lucy B. and her cat
  • s k i n c a t

  • Don't forget Bigfoot
  • Such a weird generational thing. I grew up with that same fear. I don't even know what started it? Ripley's maybe? I know I remember seeing pictures of it in some book.

  • Caption this.
  • Fuck Nestle.

  • I'm American and I think New Zealand has so many funny people and Australia has so few.
  • They put all their funny into one man puppet. Randy Feltface.

    A whole special by him:

  • Ribbons on vents. Why?
  • When I posted in this topic there were no other responses, so I gave you the answer. It's literally the only reason any one ever does this and it's done in movies to show the air moving if it directly affects the plot.

  • Got it to flaunt
  • Or you know, reverse image search works.

    It's Olivia Ponton from what I can gather.

  • 20 Movies You Can’t Find in 2024 (and How to Maybe Watch Them Anyway)
  • Kids, man. That movie was such a gritty take. It's forever scarred in my brain I don't think I'll really ever have to watch it again. Newer generations should see it though.

  • See-through
  • catarinakitty21, catkitty21

  • Ribbons on vents. Why?
  • It's to show the movement of air.

  • How wide to make channels in nut compared to strings?

    Hi, 3d printing a nut guy again. Finally have all the materials and I think enough skill to model this thing on my own.

    Exactly what tolerances should I have in the channels of the nut for the strings? Like, for example my low B string is a .59. How large should I make that channel? 1.50mm? A little more room perhaps?

    Thanks for any responses!


    3d printed nut?

    Hey there. I have an Ibanez AX-7221 (Japanese made version) that has a damaged nut. I need to replace it, but am financially locked but do have access to a 3d printer.

    Are there materials that can be printed which would be ok for this task and stand up to the stresses?

    Edit: <3 to everyone that has given advice here. Much better than the 3d printing community's answers I got.