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Mean world syndrome has reacted a fever pitch.
  • How does "being able to handle yourself" apply when someone else has removed your ability to handle yourself with drugs or alcohol? How does it apply when your choices are "go along with it and try to escape later" or "fight back and probably lose because you have less muscle mass and are physically smaller than them"?

    How does your argument apply when you are a teenage girl in high school being harassed by adult men? Reality is a very different place when the world perceives you as a woman (or girl), and your prescriptivist approach entirely fails to account for the fact that your perspective has a lot of blind spots in it.

  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • Speaking as a woman who has been assaulted and harassed on multiple occasions by more than one man, I'd just interject that bears can at least be pretty predictable. If you don't bother it, it very probably won't bother you. The men who have assaulted and/or harassed me were people that (I thought) I knew and had been normal up to that point.

    This is a hyperbole, and if push comes to shove, I would rather be dropped in a forest with another human... but if that human is a man that is a stranger, then I'm going to have a different kind of guard up than I would for a bear.

    TL;DR: It's easier to predict animal behavior than human behavior, and the bear won't lie about being a friend before attacking you.

  • Landlord Forced To Raise Rent Due To Thinking Of Bigger Number
  • Not everyone can drive. Many households only have one car between multiple adults. Some can't afford childcare and rely on nearby relatives to help out, and would have to start paying for childcare if they moved. Some people don't have the education or job training that would allow them to get a job worth commuting to. Some people are reliant on social services or medical care that is not available otherwise. Many of the suburbs around American cities are just as expensive as the cities themselves but without walkable areas, nearby shops, or any public transportation.

    This is just a handful of examples and it barely scratches the surface of the more complicated issues at hand here

  • Millionaire tries to prove becoming wealthy is easy by becoming homeless and making a million in a year - and of course fails miserably and quits, citing reality
  • Oh, weird. And I know from personal experience that signing up for Medicaid and the like that it's not a fast process and he probably isn't even signed up by this point. I suppose he could have contributed to unnecessarily over-burdening the emergency medical system, which I only begrudge him for because he had the option to do otherwise. To be clear, I do not think poorly of those who go to the ER because they have no other options. They are why I am doing my best to get a really good foundation in primary care medicine during medical school while intending on going into emergency medicine. This guy though? If I knew his whole background, I'd be hard-pressed to want to do more than the EMTALA basics for him.

  • 93 Year Old Woman Arrested for Resisting Eviction
  • I'm curious as to where you are getting that information. There are other explorations into funding for residency slots as it tends to benefit the institutions that have the residencies, but the issue is that there needs to be a guarantee of funding in perpetuity in order to create the slot, and many offered funding sources either cannot guarantee that perpetuity or they only offer the money with a lot of strings attached.

    I'm a medical student member of the AMA and I frequently get emails from them asking for my participation in lobbying campaigns to increase the number of residency slots. (I have written to my representatives about it a couple of times, but I don't really have the time or resources to do much else.) The individual colleges and fellowships are also advocating for their own specialties. The ACEP and ACOEP (American College of (Osteopathic) Emergency Physicians) are both investing a lot into advocacy campaigns for the specialty.

  • 93 Year Old Woman Arrested for Resisting Eviction
  • The number of residency slots is actually controlled by Congress as residencies are funded through Medicare. The AMA has been trying to fight back against and regulate privately funded residencies like the ones started by HCA. Those ones were created as a way to exploit residents' labor and are of such poor quality that HCA won't even hire their own graduates.

  • As bans spread, fluoride in drinking water divides communities across the US
  • The epidemiological data shows that even people with adequate dental hygiene and healthcare access benefit from fluoridated water. Communities with fluoridated water have lower rates of tooth decay and associated oral diseases across all socioeconomic strata.

  • As bans spread, fluoride in drinking water divides communities across the US
  • The point is that there are people that cannot regularly afford fluoridated toothpaste or for some other legitimate reason cannot brush their teeth as often as is recommended. Fluoridated water is the best and only dental care many Americans get, and it doesn't carry any harms that are even meaningfully measurable.

  • Former Blizzard President Thinks Tipping Game Creators Is Great Idea
  • I tended to get them when I was logging in regularly. I figure 2k hours for me and around another 2k hours for my friend is worth the amount I've paid in. It's pennies per hour of entertainment and it's a better game with a nicer community than a lot of the AAA titles out there. Also, to my knowledge, DE seems to treat their employees fairly well and I would rather give my money to that kind of studio as opposed to the more abusive ones out there.

  • Former Blizzard President Thinks Tipping Game Creators Is Great Idea
  • I've paid DE a fair amount of money over the years, but I only ever buy plat when I get the 75% off coupons (which has happened bizarrely often to me) and when I was working. I have over 2k hours in Warframe, and I feel like I was also covering my friend that I play with for when they were unemployed and couldn't buy anything. Most of my plat goes to gifts for my friends and the occasional shiny thing for myself.

    I also really appreciate the fact that it is perfectly possible to get the premium currency without spending a penny yourself through the trading system. Not to mention the fact that there isn't any content behind a paywall. You can skip some RNG grind or get cosmetics, but the premium currency won't buy you anything you can't get otherwise.

    (I am probably going to pay for the Tennocon access pass though because the exhibitions and Baro at the relay are actually super awesome)

  • Trump is booted off Bloomberg’s Billionaire list after Truth Social stock price dives
  • What about into the planet? Maybe if we start sacrificing billionaires to random volcano gods, things will finally change somewhat. (And yeeting bloated oligarchs into volcanoes is a lot cheaper and more environmentally friendly than launching their corpulent butts into space.)

  • European car safety body is coming for touchscreens. The European New Car Assessment Programme mandates that key controls need physical buttons or switches
  • Mine does that sometimes, but there's plenty of times when it's just being a glitchy pile of garbage. I've got a fully updated pixel 8 pro and a 2021 Subaru Crosstrek, but sometimes they just don't like to talk to each other correctly. It'll also do this fun thing where it just fails to turn on the mic for phone calls until I reboot the phone and the car before reconnecting them.

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