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Couple drowns in rip current while on vacation with their kids in Florida
  • I'll never understand people's strong desire to live near "public pools". Their filled with harsh chemicals and overrun by angsty teens and unsupervised children.

    I'll also never understand the desire to yuck another person's yum. People like what they like.

  • Stonehenge sprayed with paint by environmental protesters
  • It's like that internet law. The quickest way to the correct answer is to confidently assert an incorrect answer. Maybe the quickest way to getting noticed is whatever will entice the masses to "correct" your actions?

  • Poisoned trees gave a wealthy couple in Maine a killer ocean view. Residents wonder, at what cost?
  • Except murder is always illegal. Spraying pesticides can be legal. They could claim they just hired someone to spray pesticides and it was that person's responsibility to check the legality or other bullshit to avoid responsibility.

  • ADHD Life Hacks which worked for you?
  • Then in two days I'll accomplish like 100 of those tasks

    The sudden bursts of productivity are such a double edged sword. I feel so great afterwards, but then watch the disappointment from my wife as I just completely avoid tasks for like a week straight after.

  • ADHD Life Hacks which worked for you?
  • More like meta-advice. Try everything. Even the stupid ones you know won't work. Then you can start identifying elements that you can adhere to and ones that don't work.

    If you have loved ones that you're comfortable opening up to, explain your thought process. Ask about theirs. For instance I hate the notion of "clean" things not being able to get dirty. I look at cleaning as an ongoing process so I don't do a heavy clean and then avoid the area/item. Occasionally do a bigger clean, but for the most part, just keep up with little things. Explaining that to my wife helped her understand what my mindset was.

    Lastly, try using a remembral. Ever have a thought you wanted to recall in a few minutes but didn't want to write it down? I have a rubber band on my wrist. If I need to "set a reminder" I'll loop it over a finger, then repeat the thought or reminder a few times. If I lose track, I'll definitely feel the rubber band in the awkward position. And since I've anchored the reminder with the rubber band, it's easy to remember.

  • Is it just me or do Lemmy communities tend to skew left wing? Why might this be?
  • According to you I don't want to help the poor so can you please explain to me why I'm...

    Lemme stop you right there. It's a decidedly libertarian trait to read a broad generalization and conclude someone was referring to them personally. Take a step back and peruse the most widely available libertarian positions.

  • Is it just me or do Lemmy communities tend to skew left wing? Why might this be?
  • Yeah. It's long been said Libertarians are just Republicans that want to smoke weed and distance themselves from the outwardly racist rhetoric. They are inherently selfish just like Republicans. They don't want to help the poor, but they would balk at the notion of actively hurting the poor.

  • Are there games similar to Borderlands Science?

    I'm hoping to find a game similar to Borderlands Science. Preferably something that can be played on a phone. Top tier would be the ability to play offline (sometimes I don't have great cell service though I understand it would need to be connected to some degree).

    I can easily zone out on somewhat mindless games and play for hours if I have the free time or spare attention. Progress tends to be my limiting factor. If I've just put 10 hours into a game and the next time I pick it up is the exact same as the first it can feel like a waste. If instead, those mindless hours were going to a good cause that is progressing (even if I don't directly see that progress), it might make it easier. Plus it's going to a good cause.


    How does dog pee ownership work?

    The cliche understanding is that dogs mark their territory with pee. At times I've been on walks with family and friends with half a dozen dogs. There have been occasions where they form a line just to pee in the same spot.

    So how does the ownership work? Is it like a co-op? Last one to pee wins?


    Adderall side effects

    How bad are everyone else's side effects? I currently take a 30mgXR in the morning and 10mgIR part way through the day. I can get some facial tics and other OCD like symptoms. They aren't bad enough to lower my dose or make other changes at this point. Just wondering what others are experiencing and if anyone has any tips or tricks to dealing with stuff like that.


    Dumb question

    My understanding is a lot of "greens" eventually become "brown". Green leaves when they dry up would switch to a "brown". Same with dead grass.

    With that in mind I tried a very lazy process of only adding greens for a continual process. My first addition to my pile this year was grass clippings. They still haven't really broke down.

    Is my approach fundamentally flawed? Or is there something I'm missing to improve the process?