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What are your thoughts on EV vehicles & charging?
  • I drive a 2023 VW id4. It's the best worst car I've ever owned.

    The good parts: good mileage. No charging issues. Don't have to buy gas which is something people understate dramatically when talking about EVs. Very comfortable luxury ride quality.

    The bad parts: the software in the infotainment system is horrific. I would say that I have a 10% downtime on average as I struggle through crippling lag and random black screens and resets. VW has announced a recall for this issue with no repair. I've had the car for over a year.

    The connector is functional but bulky and I would prefer they standardize the Tesla connector which in my opinion is significantly better.

  • Lauren Boebert Pushes MAGA’s Most Deranged Conspiracy on Biden
  • The reason why people like this keep getting elected is because people will go into the voting booth and vote strictly on party lines. They don't consider the platform of any given candidate they just go down the line and check all the boxes that say Republican/Democrat.

    That's how these idiots keep getting elected.

  • What opinions do you have that you consider (shallow && pedantic)?
  • O! Unsweet tea! There is no such thing as unsweet. Unsweet implies that the sugar has been removed from the tea as in it was sweetened at some point then through some mechanical process the sweetener was removed.

    The correct terminology would be "unsweetened"

    Unsweet drives me up the wall!

  • There is only one type of job: Doing something someone else doesn't want to do.
  • Perhaps but someone's going to have to clean that toilet one way or the other.

    The primary issue here is that there is a societal disparity between the toilet cleaner and let's say a CEO or a doctor or something along those lines. But there shouldn't be the doctor/ceo and toilet cleaner should get paid the same or there abouts in any case.

    Cleaning a toilet should be just as important as heart surgery or running a multinational business.

  • There is only one type of job: Doing something someone else doesn't want to do.
  • Because we live in a faith-based monetary system. We need money to eat and sleep inside of a house. Desire and wanting to do jobs have nothing to do with that. It necessitates.

    If we lived in a Star Trek utopian society where money was no longer the driving force of employment, there would still be jobs. There would even still be jobs that people don't want to do and they would still do them out of a sense of responsibility or even necessity.

    The entirety of your original statement in this post is a non-sequitur.

  • There is only one type of job: Doing something someone else doesn't want to do.
  • If you have the owner of the business he can only perform so many tasks at once therefore that person must hire other people to perform more tasks.

    Wanting or not wanting has nothing to do with performing jobs.

    If there are jobs that people don't want to do therefore there must be jobs that people do want to do... What about those people? How do they fit in with your paradigm?

  • Those of you who don't vote, why?
  • I don't like either candidate. I don't believe either one is better than the other so I have no stake either way.

    Also the electoral college I don't trust my representative will vote the way I want.

    Also this country has been bought and paid for a long time ago. Most political affiliations are garnered by lobbyists employed by massive bureaucratic corporations.

    Just look at the supreme Court.

    You want change? Revolution is the only way. The tree of liberty should be fertilized by the blood of Patriots and tyrants from time to time.

  • If everyone is fired by AI, who's going to buy the products and services made by the companies if no one has money anymore?
  • The meaning of the term "Artificial General Intelligence" (AGI) has indeed evolved in recent years. Initially, AGI was conceptualized as a form of intelligence that could understand, learn, and apply knowledge across a wide range of tasks, much like a human. This notion dates back to the mid-20th century, rooted in foundational neural network algorithms and deliberative reasoning hypotheses from the 1950s and 1960s

    In recent times, the definition and understanding of AGI have been influenced by advancements in specialized AI technologies. Modern discussions often revolve around the practicalities and challenges of achieving AGI, with a focus on the limitations of current AI systems, which excel in narrow tasks but struggle with generalizing across different domains. For example, while models like GPT-3 have shown some cross-contextual learning abilities, they still lack the comprehensive reasoning, emotional intelligence, and transparency required for true AGI

    AI always meant human level intelligence.

    What you fail to understand is with recent understanding of such concepts AI will far, far surpass human level everything.

    (The above statement was generated by GPT4 sources have been provided. This response was prompted by the poster of this response.)

  • If everyone is fired by AI, who's going to buy the products and services made by the companies if no one has money anymore?
  • An llm will never be able to do this. Unfortunately the word AI has been hijacked by companies and marketeers. Ai now means just about anything really.

    They're actually coming up with new words to describe what AI used to mean such as AGI, which stands for artificial general intelligence.

    To elaborate on the premise of this post, The boost that we're going to get from an actual artificial intelligence one that is perhaps sentient will be so much that the tasks that were once performed Will become so mundane and menial that it will not make any difference who performs those tasks or if they're even being paid to do so.

    In the same sense that the printing press removed the necessity for scribes, at least for the majority. Or the firearm displaced the bow and arrow as the dominant weapon.

    Eventually, what general artificial intelligence will give us is a world free of our Faith-Based monetary system currently dominating the world.

    In essence, we shouldn't need money after general artificial intelligence is implemented.