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What tv to look for nowadays?
  • I'm just assuming the OP is looking for a general advise on a new TV. If he's actually looking for a 20 inch TV he is looking for such a niche device that he should probably have stated that.

    But OP stated no real requirements at all which makes it nearly impossible to actually recommend something. What even is the TV used for? He wants a non-smart TV but but seems to be streaming? What about size? How is the room lit?

  • What tv to look for nowadays?
  • A non-4K TV in 2024? Good luck with that. Just take one, it doesn't hurt when your content is lower res, but you can still benefit from it when you play videogames or watch 4K Blu-Rays. I would definitely take an OLED display. Check out

  • Tha Dogg Pound, Tha Eastsidaz, Snoop Dogg - We All We Got (Official Music Video)