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Uk Smart Bulb Recommendations
  • I’ve recently gotten this cheap bulb:

    MOES ZigBee Smart LED Bulb, 5W...

    The nice thing about it is that it has powerful white and yellow LEDs to get normal lighting from cold to warm. But it also has RGB LEDs that are not as bright and provide nice cozy ambient light.

    However, Apple Homekit (bridged via Home Assistant) doesn’t know about this feature, so you have to turn the light bright/cold white before you can change it to bright warm white. Otherwise you’ll get amber light in RGB mode which isn’t nearly as bright.

    Apart from that little issue, it’s working great for me.

  • Backdoor slipped into multiple WordPress plugins in ongoing supply-chain attack
  • It’s the only CMS that runs on a classic AMP stack which is still the standard with cheap web hosters. And since everyone and their dog is using it, you can easily find support and ready-to-use plugins for almost anything.

    In the car world, WordPress is your plain old petrol car that just runs, can easily be refuelled and you can get anything repaired at every other street corner. That’s why it is still so widespread.

  • Backdoor slipped into multiple WordPress plugins in ongoing supply-chain attack
  • Ghost runs on NodeJS which isn’t available at most cheap webhosters. Also it doesn’t do traditional blog things like pingbacks, trackbacks or webmentions.

    BearBlog can’t be self-hosted at all - it says so right on their GitHub’s README.

    WriteFreely is a Go binary that - again - isn’t supported on most cheap hosters. Also I can’t seem to find anything about it supporting pingbacks, trackbacks or webmentions. It seems to be more like a one-user Mastodon instance.

  • Why does Apple insist on supporting bullying with the blue/green bubbles?
  • RCS dates back to 2007/2008 when it was still called lots of other names. (E.g. Joyn) And since then, not many cell providers adopted it. For all other providers (and those still sitting on an old version of RCS), communication will happen via Google-servers. It basically is a proprietary service under the disguise of a public standard. Especially because of this I’d rather use “proprietary” encrypted chats with it, so Google doesn’t get a copy of all my texts.

  • Why does Apple insist on supporting bullying with the blue/green bubbles?
  • Back when BlackBerry and their unified inbox (all messages from email, AOL, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, etc. in one single list of messages) was still a thing - did people get bullied because of their choice of messenger?

  • Suche kleines Gehäuse für ein NAS, habt ihr Empfehlungen?
  • Da meine Synology einfach nicht stirbt, brüte ich auch schon länger die Idee für den Nachfolger aus. Im Moment ist der Plan, ein TerraMaster F4-423 zu nehmen. Das Ding ist quasi ein Intel NUC + SATA Controller in einem kompakten Gehäuse. Kleiner bekommt man das nicht im Selbstbau. Auf der Hauptplatine ist ein USB-Stick angestöpselt, den man austauschen und dann ein eigenes OS installieren kann.

    Und sollte das Ding sterben, kann man die Platten auch an jedem anderen Linux wieder lesen.

  • Unpopular opinion: 73 Yards makes no sense
  • I’ve had people tell me that the woman stays at 73 Yards because that’s the range of the TARDIS’ perception filter, but if that has ever been mentioned on the show, I’ve missed that little tidbit.

    Kate mentions this at the café as the distance where a person with 20/20 vision can’t make out any facial details anymore. But there never was mentioned any relation to the TARDIS perception filter.

  • Unpopular opinion: 73 Yards makes no sense
  • Let me add the "teleporting" stuff during the train ride. Also, what determines in which direction the blurry woman appears? And why didn't Ruby - in all those years - not try to throw a stone or a bottle after her - just to see what happens? And if that scary lady really was "old Ruby", how did she endure days/weeks/years outside in the rain?

    Thinking about this, when Ruby was pacing around inside the pub while the other guy went outside... that blurry lady must've floated around - always keeping exactly 73 yards distance from Ruby, right?

    And how did the "scary" stuff even work with the trained UNIT elite professionals that were explicitly briefed to "not make eye contact, don't listen to anything", etc.? And it even worked via radio with Kate, the snipers, etc.. And suddenly, Kate wasn't even interested in the location of the TARDIS anymore? Nor did this head(!) of UNIT say anything at all about WHY she was abandoning Ruby.

    Oh, and why did the PM abandon all his plans for buying WMDs and stuff when all other people that had contact with the blurry lady just abandoned Ruby? Where's the connection here? It clearly wasn't the reason for the blurry lady as she was still there afterwards.

    Also what is it with The Doctor stepping on things? Didn't the fucking landmine teach him to watch his steps?

    This episode was a mess IMHO. Like a fever dream - just that it was never suggested it was one.

  • Which link/bookmark manger do you prefer, and why?
  • Similar here. As I don’t need multi-user support, I don’t bother with self-hosting some tool.

    Bookmarks go to Safari where they’re synced between all my Apple devices and pop up automatically in the address bar.

    And long-term bookmarks (news articles, references, etc.) go into Anybox which keeps an offline copy of the website so I can still read it in 10-20 years.

  • Content Warnings Do Not Reduce Distress, Study Shows
  • I'm sorry, but if somebody decides to browse their pr0n and scat alts while they're at work and/or eating... that's on them.

    Your rhetoric reeks of alt-right, I guess you’re “inconvenienced” by reserved parking spots, and for inclusive language, and want to “get rid of them” too?

    And this is how you demonstrate that you're not interested in continuing this discussion. Thanks for the entertainment, though. :)

  • Content Warnings Do Not Reduce Distress, Study Shows
  • So, you're saying these traumatised people need to find ways to manage public TV and newspapers, but on Mastodon everybody else is supposed to accommodate for them and add CWs?

    Again, the people that might(!) profit from the CWs are a minuscule amount compared to the people inconvenienced by them. And, as the linked study explains, they even seem to make things worse. So my point is: Just get rid of them. According to that study, that might even be beneficial to these traumatised people.

  • Content Warnings Do Not Reduce Distress, Study Shows
  • Then how did these traumatised people ever watch the news on TV or read a newspaper where there are no CWs? How did they take part in discussions on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc.? And how are they supposed to work through their trauma when they never get confronted with it?

    If they are okay with "some things", they'd have to open each article behind a very generic CW-description anyways. What's the purpose of the CW then?

  • Content Warnings Do Not Reduce Distress, Study Shows
  • Why do these snowflakes just not filter the content like normal people? Most apps support this. Why does everybody else have to click away the CW just because a minuscule fraction of people might get irritated?