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It's a dire situation
  • I use sponsor block but YouTubers who do this are still typically channels I don’t like watching. No disrespect to the job but I don’t like feeling like a product.

    Much prefer YouTubers who do it as a hobby

  • Where do you source your wood in the Greater Vancouver area?
  • PJ White is my favourite - near Lee Valley on SW Marine. I haven't purchased anything since they changed ownership.

    I also have a phone number of a tree feller who processes some of his cuts, but I haven't called him. If there are a couple people interested he might be willing to sell.

  • This may be a little too generous to 2013, but it's not that far off.
  • There are more useful web apps than before but blog/affiliate sites are a plague.

    That said if I could make a ton of money by clogging up the internet with garbage content then I would. There is nothing holy about this place.

  • Many scientists don’t want to tell the truth about climate change. Here’s why
  • I don't think it's about being doomed and giving up. For me it's just accepting the fact that a change of course is going to happen at whatever rate it is going to happen because the people who are driving it will do whatever they are compelled to do or want to do. Whether that is fast, or slow, or not at all barely feels like any of my business. I do what I can individually.

  • AOC Says Climate Movement Must Become 'Too Big and Too Radical to Ignore'
  • I went to a climate protest in Canada last week and it was way to tame to actually get anything accomplished.

    The main part of the protest was walking down a main artery. For protesters, there is incentive to walk slowly and spread out to make the walk longer and disrupt status-quo longer, but the organizers clearly only had permission to march for a specific duration so they were in the back hurrying people forward so we'd stay within our allotted time window. Maybe 30 minutes. Once a year. It was pointless.

    Add to that that 90% of the people there were exactly the people you'd expect to be there and it just felt like a waste of time.

  • Bosses and workers still can’t agree on whether the commute is part of the work day, and it’s creating a $578 billion productivity problem
  • I think this conversation is more about office workers than site workers. You need to get on site to do the work but office workers don't need to actually go in, they are being told they have to come in and the time needed to adhere to an enforced policy should be included in the work day.

  • People who work from home all the time ‘cut emissions by 54%’ against those in office
  • Lol no I wish!

    I swear to god we just had all our leases expire and chose to renew ALL OF THEMMMM.

    In fact, for the main office we've just signed a new multi-year lease in a new building. It's smaller tho. Renovations currently in progress.

    But no raises. Times are too tough.

  • I've started going to the gym

    I like the idea of body weight routines, but when I've tried them in the past it's usually meant that I tried to convert my apartment into a gym. I try to turn a corner, the sink lip, the floor, the walls and more recently a pull up bar into a sort of "gym" and it's never worked out for me.

    I started paying for a gym a while back and have been going almost every day that I can and I've found it a lot easier to help me get into routine to the point that I think trying to start out with bodyweight was a mistake.

    As a (perpetual) beginner I've always struggled finding the right intensity and variation of workout. I find the gym equipment lowers that difficulty. I can spend 20 minutes on a bike (no hills, no traffic, no stop signs, no people, no weather) and then stretch using a roller and a pad, then hop onto a machine having never used it before, glance at the instructions, pick a weight and go.

    I've just noticed this over the last few weeks and I guess what I'm wondering is if you think calisthenics is appropriate for beginners or is something more suited to people who have 'graduated' from the gym.


    Supply management of the dairy industry in Canada causing issues within CPTPP CPTPP panel sides with New Zealand over Canada dairy supply-management rules

    OTTAWA — A Pacific Rim trade dispute panel has found Canada's dairy-sector protections violate obligations that Ottawa signed with New Zealand and other countries. The Liberal government, however, insists the ruling is a win, pointing to a clause that confirms Canada has some discretion over its imp...

    CPTPP panel sides with New Zealand over Canada dairy supply-management rules

    Cheese. It's expensive in Canada. 400g of grocery cheddar goes for $10.50 unless it's on sale.

    I love cheese. I wish I could have more cheese in my life. Cheese and wine, but I'd settle for cheese. I know, it's ridiculous.

    Canada has a system of supply management to control dairy prices in the country. This system doesn't get a ton of attention, but recently (today) made the news because New Zealand, who is part of the CPTPP, is having their cheese imports into Canada denied due to our regulations against imported cheese. Canadian dairy farmers are happy to continue posting year over year profits, consumers suffer, and our trade partners are unhappy.

    Back in the day this made sense because it supported smaller local farms, but it's 2023 and there are only a handful of large dairy farmers that dominate the industry. Other countries subsidize their dairy industry to help keep prices low.

    The most compelling reason I can think of to reverse supply management is that in doing so the government could subsidize grocery items. It would cost billions, but I like the idea of using tax dollars to make it easier for people to eat.

    I don't think I'd vote on this issue, but I'd take it into consideration.

    Frugal mayo

    Food fillers?

    I like adding things to my icecream, usually peanut butter and frozen fruit. Got to thinking that if I added oats I could actually increase the volume without impacting the flavour all that much (I like oats). I could probably use floured starches or something like that.

    Are there other things you "fill"? I think juice + water is the most familiar example. What about something like adding 20% dehydrated milk to fresh milk? Substituting some butter for oil?

    Sometimes I find when I'm making my own stuff it ends up being more expensive than buying the packaged variety from the store, but maybe fillers are a way to balance that out.