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is coursera certification worthy?
  • Kinda, getting into tech field, I'm already doing collage so yeah, it's just to be an extra on my resume, mostly I'm trying to learn just to learn, but sometimes it's useful a certification right?

    I think some companies here will only care if the certification is from some knowed company, like Google, IBM, Microsoft etc

  • is coursera certification worthy?

    I'm lookijg into some courses, I know I can get most of them for free but I was thinking about certification too, is it worthy? Does someone cares about coursers certifications from coursers?

    It's a thing because my income is not in dolar so it gets more expensive to me


    how can I trust health care professionals if they use windows?

    People say to me go look for it and I can only see the absurd of proprietary software that they use, such windows, Microsoft word, outlook etc.

    These are all spyware, talking to a health care professionals is talking with Microsoft too.


    I don't have anything to hide, so I don't care

    What to say to people who say this kinda of thing? Usually I just say "ok then"