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2024: The Year Linux Dethrones Windows on the Desktop – Are You Ready?
  • You know what gets ppl to use Linux? 100% Software compatibility out of the box and OEM who preinstall Linux distros.

    Barely anyone outside the bubble oft techies and enthusiasts cares. You have to BRING it to the users. For most oft them comfort is king after all.

  • What's a good budget home server?
  • Honestly, when it comes to your specified amount of Cores & RAM you'll have tough luck. Got myself a MiniPC with 5700U and 32GB of RAM, two 1TB SSDs (mirrored) and 3 NIC but that was still 500€ after waiting for a decent deal.

    Even buying a used PC off eBay will most likely cost far more if you insist on your specs.

  • Wire management.
  • I do this, too on my hobby projects. Back when Twitter was still usable one post like this (only pictures) suddenly had 14k interactions. Until then I didn't even realize people can be into wire management.

  • European car safety body is coming for touchscreens. The European New Car Assessment Programme mandates that key controls need physical buttons or switches
  • I only have a touch screen for entertainment and configuration and still notice how distracted I get when I have to use it. No haptic feedback and multilayered menus are just a bad idea while driving.

    Cherry in top is driving at night with astigmatism when theres's a whole illuminated panel in your face.

  • Heavy AF!
  • Back in the days of my apprenticeship (Ausbildung) the company still had this whole storage of old CRT TVs. At some point the other apprentice and me had to get rid of all of them. This meant each of us grabbing one, carry it down 3 floors, load them onto the company's VW T bus and unload at the recycling center.

    No fun, one was so big and heavy I tripped and couldn't get it off my myself. In hindsight I dont't think this was within safety regulations, haha.

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