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Chin up, small Kings!
  • Okay here's the chance for a math wiz to step up, guesstimate the shutter speed, calculate the length of the bullet in the frame, and determine what velocity the projectile was going after impact. Why? I don't know. Science? Perhaps.

  • The "install lib-blah-blah-blah" bit doesn't bother me 'cause whenever I need to make something work, I just copy and paste the "sudo apt install ..." commands straight from the internet :)

  • Toxic linux communities moment:
  • I just use Debian, KDE is an option during install and I use it. However, my brain lacks wrinkles so I'm sure it could be "better" on a more purpose built gaming distro. Over the decades of on and off Linux use, I always end up on Debian because it feels like solid ground to me