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Sleep Pattern (not Schedule)
  • Ha I know, I feel like I shouldn't fix anything if we're getting 12, but that last window is awful for both baby and the rest of family, I don't want her going through that. I was just noticing that her sleepy cues seem nonexistent now all of a sudden... There was no yawning or zoning out, but she was clearly needing a nap when I offered one. Perhaps a bit earlier for putdown makes sense. Thanks!

  • Sleep Pattern (not Schedule)

    Second time mom with a 5 week old. I am one who is mindful of nap lengths, wake windows, and aiming towards a schedule once age appropriate. I understand 5 weeks is way too young and to just follow cues. However, my baby is seeming to gravitate towards a schedule but there is a bit of a blip.

    Baby wakes between 7:30 - 8:00 am, stays awake for 1 - 1.5 hours each window, takes naps for 45 min - 2 hrs until mid afternoon. She then fights that last nap and doesn't take it, and ends up going to bed at 8:00, sleeping 12 hours. I've read babies this age don't sleep 12 hours overnight (2 feeds still) and she is awake from like 4:00 to 8:00 pm which is way too long for a 5 week old. The last window is cranky and she is clearly tired but just refuses.

    Any advice??


    Swaddle Sleeping Fiasco

    My 3 week old is too strong for a swaddle but too new for arms out. Thoughts?

    I have tried blanket swaddle, Velcro, zipper, love to dream, etc. She busts out of all of them and gets her arms caught up by her face, waking her up naturally. My first born was the same way. I did arms out sleep sack last night and she had the roughest night, translating to me too. I'm not sure what else to do given that pesky Moro reflex is around for awhile still.


    Remind me...

    Remind me that its worth it and it gets better.

    Just had Baby #2 a few weeks ago and I somehow forgot how isolating and challenging the newborn stage is. Maybe a growth spurt but the excessive crying and inconsolable behaviors, the sleep deprivation, the loss of ones self, no support outside of dad...

    Marriage seems to have a harder time through this one too. The bonding with baby is difficult. Everyone keeps telling me how big my baby is and how she looks like a boy. My body has permanent reminders of this decision.

    I know about PPA and PPD. I fully recognize that the hormone dump is real. But please, other parents of multiples, remind me its temporary and that having a family of 4 is better than 3.