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[Noclip - Video Game Documentaries] Wipeout 2097: The Making of an Iconic PlayStation Soundtrack - Noclip Documentary
  • Excellent video!

    I was probably 3 when I was first exposed to the first Wipeout game, and I have been a fan of it and its music ever since. Petrol from Orbital is a big influence on my childhood.

    Then later we got a demo with 2097. I distinctly remember it had Body in Motion by Cold Storage. Probably the best track in the entire series.

    And now I learn Cold Storage hated this kind of music when he started with Wipeout.

  • Best way of playing Wipeout these days?
  • was 2097 the best one?

    In my opinion, yes. It’s the one that best captures the feeling. It’s has that gritty industrial look and the best music.

    The later ones are also good, but they’re a bit too “clean futuristic” to scratch my Wipeout itch.

    First one hasn’t aged as well. Mainly because if you bump into a wall ever so slightly, you lose most of your speed. 2097 and onward are better at keeping your momentum going. I also love those spark effects that come when bumping into walls in 2097.

  • University Students
  • You can also do that if you think it’s useful.

    Going back to the original ticket can offer far more info than what any “why” comment can give. You can see how old it is, if there are any connected tickets, who were involved with it, step by step instructions how to reproduce the bug, etc.

  • Linux and public awareness (ads, trailers etc)
  • People who are capable of installing Linux are probably already aware of it. Most people when they buy a laptop is to have something that just works out of the box. Just open the laptop lid and it’s welcoming you with the setup process. Telling them how to install a live USB is already too much information.

  • University Students
  • It's like if you were bilingual, you don't write every sentence in both languages, because that is twice as much text to maintain (and read).

    This is a very good analogy. And just like with natural languages, you might have an easier time expressing an idea in one language but not the other. Comments should provide information that you find difficult to express with code.

  • University Students
  • Do comment the why

    In this day and age of source control I don’t think this is fully necessary. If you want to know the why, you can look into the commit history and see which ticket is connected to it. There you might even see the discussions around the ticket as well. But this requires good source control discipline.

    It has helped me many times.

  • DOOM: The Dark Ages | Official Trailer 1 (4K) | Coming 2025
  • I didn’t enjoy Doom 2016 as much because once you get the super shotgun and ballista, there’s few reasons to use any other weapon in the game. No need to experiment with weaker weapons when super shotgun gets the job done. Heck, even the starter pistol is obsolete after the first few levels already.

    In Eternal the game encourages you to experiment with all your weapons. The starter shotgun is still a good choice even when super shotgun is in your arsenal. And with constant ammo refill the combat can also be much longer with way more enemies (which they especially make use of in horde mode). In Doom 2016 you could technically run out of ammo completely.

  • DOOM: The Dark Ages | Official Trailer 1 (4K) | Coming 2025
  • Ammo is basically infinite in Eternal. Just chainsaw a zombie and out comes ammo. By the time you’re out of ammo next time you probably already got a chainsaw refill.

    Weak spots are suggestions and can be ignored for the most part. Most enemies don’t even have weak spots.

    Can’t argue with acrobatics.