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  • The one I have most recently heard of is a font type to make things easier to read. A company called Bionic Reading has something out for this but their app is very limiting at the moment.

    I have also heard that the font Open Dyslexic could be helpful.

  • Anyone Else Having a Blast?
  • I’m having a blast as well. I’m getting sidetracked by all the random side missions and activities that I’m 16 hours in and still haven’t really completed the first main storyline mission. I had to figure things out that would have been taught to me during that mission apparently.

    My only issue is resources and modding. Carrying all that crap around on the off chance I need it is killing my carry capacity.

    Otherwise I’m just blasting through space and enjoying the dialog and pickpocketing/stealing everything I see. Good times.

  • My boyfriend doesn't want to marry me because I'm an immigrant + UPDATE
  • What the hell is wrong with some people. So sorry you had to go through that. As a man myself I never thought one way or the other about who makes more in the relationship. My wife and I have traded that honor and it doesn’t matter because it all goes into the same pot - our future.

    Not being able to be “the provider” is such a cop out way to think. Who cares who makes more if you want to be together. My wife is a ton smarter than me I expect her to eventually make more. That doesn’t make me any less in the relationship.

    Wish you the best of luck in France!