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Is NixOS at the advent of an implosion? | Community inquiry on recent drama
  • What you call politics (US political "issues") and politicking (the act of seeking and organizing power or influence) are different things.

    Maybe US political issues have no spot in tech but politics are a part of being human.

  • Samsung is sunsetting Tizen and fully ending support for the smartwatch OS
  • What the commenter above was referring to is special API access for Nokia and a few key third-parties that regular devs were not allowed to use.

    It was a strange time for Windows phone. Agreed, such a shame, it was an interesting UX-first design for its time.

  • xkcd #2933: Elementary Physics Paths
  • Aw that's too bad. That response I'm sure you're paraphrasing, but "that one doesn't follow the rules" is the best part of science.

    It means our rules aren't good enough, or we don't understand that one well enough. Figuring it out can be an entire career of discovery. And the reasons why can be fascinating and inspiring to more discoveries!

  • Sorry, there's no room for you.
  • How long ago was this? A road trip along this route I think is pretty common and Dubrovnik is a very popular tourist destination these days, especially since they joined the Schengen area.

  • The IR sensor chip from the Normal Wii remote could also be used as a IR homing sensor for Manpads with only the addition of better focus Optics
  • Car radar decetors are all so old-fashioned these days since the world is full of diverse threats. IR/Laser as well.

    I want to build a modern RWR into my car and start profiling all the ELINT around me in 360 like "hey that's a volvo coming over the hill" rather than just beeps.