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Beware of words unspoken, and actions left undone you'll keep. Your own path you must seek, for the river time is unbroken.

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Veggie stir fry

Mixed veggies in mango sauce over quinoa and brown rice with tempura tofu

It’s a summer of playing hooky: feeling pressured not to take their earned vacation, Americans are finding a loophole
  • I hate how these articles always manage to blame workers, particularly millennials or gen z for being lazy. People remote in from vacation because they feel guilty from being away from work or are specifically pressured into not taking vacation. It's a toxic work culture.

  • FBI arrests 'dreaded' Jan. 6 defendant they say rammed 'Trump' sign into police line
  • Well that’s an unfortunately worded headline. “dreaded” as in the noun, of having dreadlocks. Not “dreaded” as in the adjective, regarded with great fear. Although this does spark an interesting thought. Apparently dreadlocks originated from the English invaders in the colonial world, as they encountered native tribes with “dreadful” hair.

  • Hour long sit-down interview with President Biden and Howard Stern. No handlers, just the two of them in a room.
  • “Biden can recommend that Congress undertake many other legal reforms that are not constitutionally barred, and he could also take some limited actions based on his own authority. These could remove some obstacles to getting an abortion.” Basically abortion must be codified at the state level.

  • It could soon be illegal to publicly wear a mask for health reasons in North Carolina
    • Freedom not guaranteed. Subject to availability and restrictions at the time of issuance. Pursuant to obligations according to local regulations, your freedom may be more or less than the freedom implied. All rights reserved to freedom issuers. Freedom may be revoked at any time for any reason subject to local availability. Please visit your freedom office to dispute claims. Disputes may or may not be resolved at the freedom offices discretion, with resolutions including but not limited to the loss of additional freedom.
  • Emergency slide that fell off Delta plane washes up at home of lawyer whose firm is suing Boeing


    Taliban Militants Fed Up With Office Culture, Ready to Quiet Quit Taliban Members Fed Up With Office Work, Ready to Quiet Quit

    A new report says some jihadists who transitioned to desk jobs after the Taliban’s takeover are tired of the 9-to-5.

    Taliban Members Fed Up With Office Work, Ready to Quiet Quit
    wellthatsucks Matt

    I hope the cameras got that!