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Patriarchy harms boys and men, too. Helping them realize this is key to erasing toxic masculinity
  • But they're not. They are simply saying that lay people assuming feminism is for feminine gender is to be expected as they may go on the face value of it. They aren't saying that the goal of feminism is anti men, rather they agree it is anti abuse due to patriarchal structures but the naming only brings confusion and irrational reactions for the uninformed.

  • Black Myth Wukong won't be on Xbox at launch
  • I guess we'll see one or two games do this every 1-2 years, and I think that's actually fine. Baldur's Gate 3 did it but in the end optimising for Series S improved it for everyone. Alan Wake 2 devs said it was hard to fit things into Series S memory but they got there in the end and even delivered a 60 FPS mode. Even Immortals of Avuem got it working at 60 FPS for Series S.

    It sucks for the devs for sure and they should leverage it to get some concessions from Microsoft for making them do all the hard work. Maybe a smaller platform fee, or partial funding.

  • Todd Howard says Fallout renaissance is "beyond anything" he's seen in his career
  • They worked on both their engine and Starfield. I just hope now the next games don't require too much engine work (since it was anyway designed around segmented maps of Oblivion and Fallout 3) and can ship games at a faster cadence.

  • [Game] God of War Ragnarok Has Been Announced for PC with FSR 3.1
  • Not sure if the generalization is true, but the point of most stories is to make the protagonist look good and relatable and antagonist look bad and horrible.

    God of War, however, is an interesting story where the protagonist is actually pretty unstable with a dark past and on a rampage to kill all gods. He's the monster in a way, and the monsters he has been killing are usually pawns of these gods.

  • AMD FSR3 with frame generation launches on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 consoles with Immortals of Aveum
  • I wonder how games would look and run towards the end of this gen. We could get Unreal Engine 5 lumen+nanite+vsm running at 1440p upscaled to 4k at 30, 40, 60 and 120 FPS using various settings and frame gen. Currently games like Jedi Survivor (I know UE4) and Immortals of Avuem run at quite low resolutions to achieve 60, or games like Hellblade 2 run at a better resolution but at 30 FPS with 21:9 aspect ratio.

  • Microsoft To Make Changes To Xbox Game Pass Tiers - Insider Gaming (Not Confirmed)
  • I think they might increase price of GamePass core and put 25 more games in it, especially old CoDs, remove normal GamePass, and increase the price of GamePass Ultimate and put CoD day one only on it.

    Middle tier doesn't make much sense anyway as it neither has online play nor has EA Play, which normal PC GamePass has btw, at an even cheaper rate.

  • Wrote a rather long and detailed post about improving our react native app's startup performance by 2-5x, hope you all find it useful.

    It isn't your run of the mill article asking you to enable Hermes or add/remove certain dependencies. Rather it goes deep into measuring various parts of app startup, figuring out potential improvements, measuring those again on real world data, and further improving perceived performance by using simple techniques.