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I can't disagree.
  • Steve Shives (I hope I got the spelling correct) made a video why conservatives like star trek and a part of it is they see it as stories of other worlds and by doing so ignore all the allegorical implications. "A planet where people have the false gender assigned to them at birth? How truly alien!"

    And to be fair: escapism is a legitimate goal of scifi and media in general. You watch scifi to enter a different world, for at least an hour a week be free of all your problems in the here and now.

  • I can't disagree.
  • I wouldn't call it a spinoff but rather a ripoff. There might be few parallels but basically left Libertarians are against all hierarchies, including the state. Right Libertarian are against the state and want to build state like structures but privatized.

  • /gəˈhɔʊrɪ/
  • It's /gəˈhɔʊrɪ/ in the title. I personally read it as /'gɔʊti/ but it's part of the joke that there is no right pronunciation. [t]>[r] between vowels is common in American English. It's not the "English R" but kind of the Spanish or Italian one.

    I didn't read the context so this might be old news, but you can even read it as nothing since all the letters can be silent (as much as they can be fish)

  • I can't disagree.
  • I honestly see why. While I love star trek, it has a very strong power structure "with the right people in power", as if power itself wouldn't corrupt people. The admirals may not always be right in the beginning but they accept their wrongs and have no bad intentions and the heroes are always celebrated by the establishment.

    This can be understood as "this is the perfect world where even authorities are good" or as "I told you, authorities are the good guys". I, as a left libertarian, prefer Farscape (and still watch every star trek show)

  • Gealtert wie Milch lugal

    Erster Pfosten

    Da meint jemand, es gäbe diese Community nicht, was damals auch gestimmt hat, aber jetzt ist es gealtert wie Milch.