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Tea Time
  • I've been to a workshop about green tea recently and you can prepare it with any water temperature. You can make it with cold water, it just takes longer. You can even place ice cubes into the can, put tea leaves on top and let them melt

  • Phishy
  • My company sends fake phishing mails and once you open the link it says "you're lucky, this was just a test" and you get tons of new fakes. I think I never got a mail from outside tho I didn't click all so who knows

  • Voyager 1 Once Again Returning Science Data From All Four Instruments
  • Thanks, I'm not good at tone in my native language already and even less in English. I didn't give the comment much thought, I could have found a better phrasing.

    About the coffee machine: I refilled it today so it must have been someone else who didn't

  • Voyager 1 Once Again Returning Science Data From All Four Instruments
  • I'm aware that sending something to do the repairs isn't an option, my question was whether it's worth it (and apparently it is) or if it's more an experiment about long distance repairs which by itself is very expressive already.

    I'm not sure why I'm downvoted. Maybe I worded my question badly or it's because it was a question I could have googled on my own. I don't know and neither do I care. I don't think you downvoted me, if it sounded that way. Just now saw it and wondered why

  • Upvote/downvote ratio instead of total numbers?

    Since the last update, I don't see the total number of upvotes and downvotes but a ratio. So when it is at 0, I see 50% which is less interesting than seeing how many people interacted. Was it me upvoting and a single downvote or is it highly controversial with 100-100? Also: in a highly downvoted comment, I want to see how many people actually upvoted it.

    Can I change this back in the settings somewhere?