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Any under $500 escooters that can go 10 miles on a charge?
  • Slightly off-topic, but if your current scooter has inflatable tyres, I suggest you check their pressure. The drag gets considerably higher with underinflated tyres, making your battery discharge at a faster rate.

  • This Doug Dimmadome-like samurai helmet I stumbled upon in a Japanese train station
  • I found some more information here:

    This is a sculpture of the Gin-namazu-onari Kabuto (“Silver Catfish Tail Helmet”) loved by Toshinaga Maeda, second Lord of the Kaga Domain and founder of Takaoka. The helmet features a unique catfish tail shape. The huge helmet, which stands at 400 cm tall and weighs 400 kg, was crafted in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the establishment of Takaoka by the Takaoka Traditional Industries Youth Association, made up of young artisans in Takaoka copperware, Takaoka lacquerware, etc.