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Fedora 40 boot hangs with kernel 6.8.10
  • I don't think I have any great answers for you, but I have two thoughts:

    1. In my grub screen, I have 6.8.9, 6.8.10, and 6.8.11 available as choices. Does this also not work on 6.8.11 or do you only have Fedora configured to keep one old kernel version some how?
    2. If your system boots into 6.8.9 just fine, can you disable the swap volume and try 6.8.10 again? If it works, you at least know what's wrong...
  • Fedora 40 boot hangs with kernel 6.8.10
  • That reads like it's hanging trying mount a swap volume. Did any hardware change recently? Particularly like hard drive layout or something?

  • 4 June 2024
  • There are competing theories on what instrument the "Jazz Man" was likely to play...

  • Had me for a while there
  • Technically, Midway is considered uninhabited, so while I wouldn't dream of telling them to fuck off, most census measurements already do...

  • Had me for a while there
  • And American Samoa.

  • geoengineering
  • "But John Galt says we can make a rich person utopia if we want to!"

    Just in case the sarcasm wasn't clear: objectivism dumb.

  • What's your secret ingredient that makes your version of a common dish better than anyone else's?
  • Not to discount your rice idea, but isn't this essentially the directions for Rice-A-Roni?

  • But I am le tired
  • Great news, you still can:

  • Musk slanders innocent man who was falsely accused of assaulting cops.
  • In this particular context, I meant "successful and capable" when I said "good". But I agree with your point generally: people are often less shitty than the stereotypes about them.

  • Musk slanders innocent man who was falsely accused of assaulting cops.
  • Tangential as well, Mark Bankston was one of the prosecuting attorneys in Alex Jones' TX trial for his slander and libel ('cause he definitely did both) of the families of Sandy Hook victims. So on top of dunking on Musk, he's also a good attorney? Seems like a pretty cool dude.

  • Four Horsemen of bad faith discourse
  • It's a reference to the "gamergate" controversy from like...2015?

  • US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Mississippi) thinks in vitro fertilization leads to "animal-human chimeras"
  • This is some straight-up Alex Jones shit... I imagine they have "sad human eyes", too.

  • Debunk this: Things that happen while Ronald Reagan was a US President
  • A number of people replied about Reagan's work ending state mental institutions, and made a lot of good points. One interesting aspect of that was In the 60s and 70s, mental health professionals were advocating for moving from a institution-based model of care (a la "One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest") to a community-based model (groups like basically follow this model). The basic thrust: ensuring that individuals are a part of a community, and care is tailored to the individual. It's very well-meaning at its core. By the lat 70s, deinstitutionalization had (to some extent) become doctrine with experts working with disabled individuals. And for good reason! A number of early studies showed promising results! So come the 80s and Reagan. Reagan has an easy excuse for closing down institutions: experts in th field even recommend it! There's one really important caveat, though: experts recommended diverting the funding the institutions had received into community-based support (again, see the link above for Reach as an example of how they imagined this funding being dispersed). Reagan...just cut the funding. So really, he did a "No Child Left Behind" 20 years earlier! Which, as I type it even shittier. He gave false hope that he was actually going to do something great for mentally disabled people, and instead threw them on the street. Man. Reagan really sucked.

    Side note: there are groups like Reach all over the US and the world, and they all could use help. Volunteers, funding, etc. A quick bit of research and you may meet some incredible people in your local community.

  • How did you get your username?
  • Honestly? I was trying too hard.

  • "How Are You" PoorlyDrawnLines
  • "Good enough" is my go-to.

  • I finally found him
  • Actually worked with this guy briefly. If I recall correctly this was from a decomm moving from a DC in Utah. Nice guy. Really good DC tech.

  • Does the US have zero employee protection laws??
  • Edit: Lots of other replies mention this, so I'm just repeating things...

    "At-will" employment is actually a state-level law, and at least one state (Montana) isn't an at-will state. That doesn't invalidate your general points, just think it's an interesting tidbit.