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Trump Endorses Sam Brown in Nevada’s Key Senate Race
  • Reminder that Trump doesn't endorse people because they're good for the country or even because they're good for the party.

    Trump endorses people only when it benefits himself. For example, he might force them to pledge personal loyalty to him, like he tried to do with James Comey.

  • Burrito
  • The primary reason an MRI is expensive to run is that it has this magnetic field that must be maintained. This is a cost that is irrespective of whether they are running a scan.

    So if you have an MRI for small animals and it's not being used, you might use it for a hamster.

  • How to fix Korea's birthrate? Put girls in school earlier, controversial report argues
  • Really, there's nothing specifically wrong with having a low birth rate. On a large scale, we have an overpopulation problem, and there's not really a negative for each person having fewer children. Of course, smarter people will decide to have fewer kids. But eventually, it will all balance out.

  • How to fix Korea's birthrate? Put girls in school earlier, controversial report argues
  • This idea is a complete non-starter from a practical standpoint. Parents would complain about it either way. Either they wouldn't want girls in school early or they'd want boys in school early, too.

    It's just much easier to treat children all the same.

    Also, I personally think this plan would backfire. Girls graduating wouldn't want to have to be adults earlier than boys, so they'd stay in school longer. And from what I've heard, the most reliable way to reduce birth rates is to educate women more.

    I think everyone also knows how to ethically increase the birth rate. Make having children easy and affordable. Lots of government assistance. Make sure everybody has access to cheap or free childcare.

    And there's also the generational problems. Young adults can see the problems that the previous generations caused. You can't go back in time to fix those. It will be expensive to change this sort of thing.

    But quick fixes aren't going to change the underlying problems.

  • Light
  • Yeah, it was almost wasted hitting some shitty pavement and causing even more of a heat island problem in this city. But instead, it not only gets the honor of interacting with me, it even serves a useful biological purpose.

  • Joe Biden has done more than arm Israel. He’s complicit in Gaza’s devastating famine
  • Because this is politics, and the US has only two possible options in November, it is good to remember that Trump told Israel that it should "end the problem" of Gaza.

    Even if you don't like Biden on this issue, it is imperative to vote for him in November. A non-vote for Biden is almost as bad as a vote for Trump.

    I can guarantee MAGA will have no qualms voting for Trump despite his genocidal tendencies. If you don't vote for Biden and Trump wins, you will be responsible for a lot of suffering.

  • Biden challenges Trump to 2 debates but won’t participate in nonpartisan commission's debates
  • More background on this "non-partisan" commission.

    The CPD was established in 1987 by the chairmen of the Democratic and Republican Parties to "take control of the presidential debates". The commission was staffed by members from the two parties and chaired by the heads of the Democratic and Republican parties, Paul G. Kirk and Frank Fahrenkopf. At a 1987 press conference announcing the commission's creation, Fahrenkopf said that the commission was not likely to include third-party candidates in debates, and Kirk said he personally believed they should be excluded from the debates.

    It is not non-partisan. It is bipartisan. That's an important difference. Saying that it's nonpartisan is misinformation.

    Third parties have often criticized exclusion of their candidates from debates, due to the CPD's rule (established in 2000) that candidates must garner at least 15% support across five national polls to be invited to the national debates. The last candidate from outside the two major parties to participate in a CPD-sponsored debate was Ross Perot, who polled sufficiently high in his 1992 presidential campaign to debate George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton in all three debates; Perot's running mate, James Stockdale, also participated in the vice presidential debate. When Perot ran again in 1996, the CPD declined to invite him to the debates, finding that the Reform Party candidate had no "realistic chance to win" the election.

    So, it's an organization run by the two major parties that explicitly tries to keep third parties from participating in the debates.

  • McConnell says he stands by past statement that ex-presidents are "not immune" from prosecution
  • Based on McConnell's past actions, I suspect that the reason he is standing by his previous position is that he doesn't find it politically beneficial to change his opinion. I don't think there is any other type of meaning to McConnell's political positions.

  • Itsumi!
  • Also, strange to bring up name order at all when it has nothing to do with the joke they presented.

    It makes me wonder if they badly retold a joke they heard where the original punchline was that his name was Mario Itsumi.

    In Japan, Itsumi is actually a common name, either as a family name or as a girl's given name.

  • Travis County DA faces removal attempt under Texas law targeting 'rogue' prosecutors - Austin Monitor
  • I don't know too much about Garza, but the language used in the petition sounds biased.

    “indiscriminately” pressing charges against law enforcement officials and presenting those cases to grand juries

    "Indiscriminately"? Surely there must be some evidence. "Indiscriminately" would mean he targets completely innocent people and brings them to the grand jury with zero evidence. Or, less likely, it could mean that all law enforcement officials are criminals, and he's randomly choosing which criminals to press charges against.

    The filing also argues Garza has refused to prosecute certain crimes, citing statements he has made on not pursuing abortion-related cases.

    This is what the voters want and it's an elected position. If Garza is removed, the voters will eventually vote for another DA who will do the same thing, or at least achieve the same result.

    Again, I don't know too much about Garza, but just from this article, it seems like he's being targeted for doing what his constituents want.

  • Gloves should be a requirement to keep in a glove box.
  • Passenger compartment is even more wrong than glove box, though, isn't it?

    That compartment is used by the driver. I've never seen a passenger use it. And obviously, the driver doesn't keep passengers in that compartment.

    It's got nothing to do with passengers, other than being on the passenger's side. And if it's really just because it's on the passenger's side, "passenger compartment" is an unusual way to say that in English. It sounds like what you'd call the main cabin.

    On the other hand, if you have gloves that you keep in the car, at least it's possible to keep them in that compartment.

  • NPR editor who alleged left-wing bias at network suspended
  • If that’s how they felt was the strongest opening argument, it reveals how weak that whole angle was.

    Well said. I can't believe how long that article was for the quality.

    I have this strong suspicion that nobody read the whole thing, even the guy who challenged us by saying "Have you read his essay?" and linked it.