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McDonalds removes AI drive-throughs after order errors
  • At least for calling a business, how about a law which requires companies who use automated phone services to send you to an actual person when pressing 0. Standardize the number to press and make it a requirement during business hours. It sucks getting trapped in an automated phone answering service when you 100% know that it can’t help you, only a customer service representative is able to deal with your situation.

  • Man accused of using generative AI to create virus in Japan 1st
  • That’s true, I agree with this sentiment. But I’m a bit confused when trying to apply the same logic to credit bureaus and other companies which get hacked and expose our personal information without facing any real consequences. In those situations I feel that those companies should be held liable for the breaches.

  • ‘My whole library is wiped out’: what it means to own movies and TV in the age of streaming services
  • Thanks for sharing! I wish they had the date of publishing listed for this article. I get the feeling it was written 15 years ago, well before streaming music services existed. Would love to see them update this based on the latest technologies and services.

  • Federal judge indefinitely postpones Trump classified documents trial
  • Probably not quite what your looking for, but I literally just came across this article about a potential general strike in 4 years:

    “UAW president Shawn Fain on May Day calls on unions to prepare for strike in 2028”

    “We are fully preparing to strike on May Day 2028,” Shawn Fain wrote in a proposal on May Day, or International Workers Day.

    Fain said it is the only way workers can “win universal healthcare and the right to retire with dignity.”

    [In an op-ed ( for progressive publication In These Times, Fain said the union’s recent auto contracts were all aligned to expire on April 30, 2028. He called on other unions to do the same as way to mass power to “reshape the economy into one that works for the benefit of everyone.”

    “They want us to believe that corporate bosses gave workers decent wages, benefits and safer working conditions out of the goodness of their hearts. That justice and equality for people of color, for immigrants, for women and for queer communities were gifts benevolently handed down from above,” Fain wrote.

    “But we know the truth. Every law passed, every union formed and contract won—every improvement made at the workplace—has been won through the tireless sacrifice of the working class.”

  • "I want to live forever in AI"
  • Yes, I just finished watching Pantheon and absolutely loved it!

    Totally agree that it deserved more attention. At least it got a proper ending with season 2.

    Also, the voice acting talent they got was impressive. Paul Dano was fantastic as one of the leads.

  • "I want to live forever in AI"
  • Was looking for the Pantheon reference in this thread! Just finished that show and loved it. Of course it takes plenty of liberties for the sake of the storytelling, but still, at least it explores these interesting topics!

    Anyone reading this thread, do yourself a favor and check out Pantheon!

  • How my morning is going...
  • The link you shared says only in specific circumstances can someone opt out of LexusNexus:

    Opting out of LexisNexis can be more complex than removing your data from other people-search sites. To have your information taken down, you must meet specific criteria, and LexisNexis may request additional documentation:

    • Victim of identity theft: you need to provide a police report documenting the identity theft or similar documentation.
    • Law enforcement officers or public officials facing threats of severe bodily harm or death:** **you must submit a letter from their supervisor confirming the nature of their position and the threats.
    • At risk of physical harm but not in law enforcement: you'll need to submit a protective order from the court, a police report, or similar documentation.
  • AI will reduce workforce, say 41% of execs in a survey
  • In this potential scenario, instead of axing 41% of people from the workforce, we should all get 41% of our lives back. Productivity and pay stay the same while the benefits go to the people instead of the corporations for a change. I know that’s not how it ever works, but we can keep pushing the discussion in that direction.

  • Elon Musk Is Spreading Election Misinformation, but X’s Fact Checkers Are Long Gone
  • Mail forwarding doesn’t apply to all mail btw. For example, mail from the dmv.

    After moving to a new place, I was expecting something from the dmv (had sent in the request months earlier before I knew I was moving). I had the mail forward in place, so figured I was good. I never received it, so eventually I called the dmv and they told me their mail is not redirected with a mail forward, and would just be returned to them.

    I am curious if the same would apply to official election mail.