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Pro-trans propaganda only. Great links!

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Lawsuit seeks to block Washington ‘parental rights’ initiative
  • I don't understand these fucking bigots. They say the parent has absolute power to homeschool, enslave and even corporally punish their kids, but at the same time some other parent has not the right to provide mainstream heatlhcare for their own kid. This is another instance like the free speech nonsense, that they are fascists that want to impose their own views on others.

  • You know what bugs me? We grew up with all this lip service to the "horror and absurdity of the Holocaust", we witnessed the birth of a collective consciousness for humanity, rooted either in awe or

    You know what bugs me? We grew up with all this lip service to the "horror and absurdity of the Holocaust", we witnessed the birth of a collective consciousness for humanity, rooted either in awe or guilt. We got existentialism, Hannah Arendt, the United Nations, I dunno what else came out of the short videos Eisenhower made public for the people to see. They made us think that the 1930s was a mass hysteria caused by the Great Depression and a good deal of Goebbels' propaganda. We now see state after state and country after country falling for this anti-transgender bullshit, and some of us do have an "aha" moment realizing that this is exactly how the Jews were vilified and targeted, and then there are those still thinking that TERFism is a matter of opinion around a divisive new "ideology". The moment you think its a novelty you have already fallen for it. Next morning you believe the litter-box hoax and join the choir of men condemning trans women in women sports. Even the details of pointing out the anatomical features is out of the antisemitic playbook, and then you have Rowling engaging in Holocaust denialism and using British libel laws to silence a journalist. Transphobes are crap people, because transphobia is rooted to a type of the Fascist personality, and I don't think it is an isolated opinion. Cis women should stay away from transphobe boyfriends as much as trans women do, because the saying is "an abuser will treat a trans woman in public as he would treat a cis woman privately". I have a dream, one day you should be kicked out of your job for being a racist, transphobe or homophobe, and not for being black, brown, gay, or trans. Until next time. Drop dead 'phobes!


    Georgia’s other Russian-style law is fueling a bitter culture war
  • A bleak thought, what if the surfacing of the anti-gender rhetoric draws an actual heat map of Russian influence unfolding. Some of it is in mainland Europe (Hungary) and of course a lot more is right in the US. This can be the new cold war, but I am not sure which side the US will be on this time around.

  • [US] Rep. Robert Garcia calls out Peru for classifying trans, intersex & nonbinary people as mentally ill
  • It could pass a Gender Identity Recognition Act by self-identification. Then cover trasngender health by insurance, prohibit healthcare discrimination on grounds of gender identity, and use a modern, non-pathologizing code the one provided like ICD-11 by WHO "gender incongruence" a condition "related to sexual health". Not a mental disorder.

  • Students walk out during Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech at Duke
  • This is some top notch conspiracy theory you got there. A sanity check, religious foundations are funding most TERFy propaganda and "free-speech" absolute-bullshit-ism. Are they more biased than international medical bodies? (American Psychological Organization advocates for trans youth World Health professional Association advocates for transgender adults and youth Are you condemning their consensus just because they are interested in the topic? That is moronic. What about the nazis? Are they less biased because they are less invested in transmisogyny? ( ) What about litigation that has come from independent judges, like Forstater's TERFism was bashed by the first judge as "unworthy of respect in a democratic society"? What about the appeal court that deliberated that she can believe whatever she wants but still can't misgender trans and non-binary people? ( ) What about the biologists that independently conclude that biological sex is a spectrum? ( Scientific American visualizing sex as a spectrum 1600 biologists condemns Trump anti-transgender proposal Super low rates of regrets or detransition in trans youth Transphobe christian psychiatrist McHugh is wrong, transition mental health outcomes
    Jon Stewart destroys ignorant GOP lawmaker for criminalizing youth transition Scientific American Trans girls belong to female Sports You are not talking about individual researchers pal, you are talking about the mainstream medical establishment and legal institutions. So crawl back to your cave or wherever you came from and socialize animals that have no gender identity, as it is apparently the only way to preserve your fragile heteronormativity, lmao.

  • Students walk out during Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech at Duke
  • "Have you heard of these men pretending to be women to win in female sports? I weep for society etc etc"
    The notion that people transition to gain social benefits, real or perceived, is absurd.
    In fact people who transition are aware that transitioning will bring them to a lesser social status and overall heightened risk.
    Unemployment, homelessness, subpar health services, and violence.
    There is a driving force greater than these social losses that makes them transition anyway.
    Bigots and ignorants might as well stop the hatred-mongering for a second and think, what the fuck that force could be.
    The response: Increased mental health benefits from transitioning to live life in way true to their self.
    Many homophobe clergymen might think that this equals publicly announcing you take it up the butt, but in fact
    it is an expression of identity that cisgender people enjoy without question.
    When put this way, without all the TERF/nazi dogwhistling ("groomers", "trans-identified males", "biological males", "degenerates", etc),
    it gets harder and harder to keep pretending that the driving force behind the anti-gender movement is not hatred.
    How can you possibly say "I want mental health outcomes only for cisgender people" without being exposed as a total hatemonger and bigot?

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • This is outright false. If there aren't graphical or explicit illustrations that are deemed pornographic, then homosexuality and heterosexuality should enjoy the same status as encyclopedic knowledge. This is some "Don't say gay" stuff.

  • X now treats the term cisgender as a slur
  • The respective term is trans-gender not "tranny", which is an actual slur now only used by bigots and transphobe porn addicts . In Latin 'cis' is to 'trans' the opposite proposition (not pronoun in case some idiot republican bigot misses the nuance here). It is an established term in medical and psychological journals, which as with transgender and non-binary people organizations are conveniently left out of this TERF and nazi fueled culture war we are witnessing.

  • J.K. Rowling Is So Transphobic Even Elon Musk Wants Her to Shut Up
  • It is being heavily debated and debunked by all major medical and humanitarian organizations. You people love pretending there is no substantial comeback to this propaganda, just ignore it and continue spewing hate. Free speech is not protecting you from criticism and it does not mean we are obliged to hear or platform it. Society is just showing you the door. Read the room.

  • Women-only museum becomes a toilet to keep men out
  • Bigots be like:

    Women feel unsafe in presence of men? "Outrageous! NOtaLLmEn"

    Trans women want to use the bathroom? "They will rape them because they are biologically men." OR "A male rapist will pretend to be trans to rape them".

    You can't beat that logic. That's why the nazis like it. Next step is "black men".

  • Women-only museum becomes a toilet to keep men out
  • Even contemplating that "pretending a gender identity" is a backdoor for bad actors is preposterous though. No such evidence from all countries that have self-identification laws. On the contrary abusers and rapists are prevalent in all walks of life without even going through the fuss of "pretending to be trans". Scores of trans people use bathrooms all the same because they are cis-passing. Majority of women feeling ok with trans women using the bathroom. Cis people with non-conforming appearance getting targeted, prominently lesbians. So just the fact that this makes the list is unacceptable and an outcome of toxic evangelical propaganda on the subject. Bathroom usage by gender identity is enabling exactly zero predators. So please stop bringing it up.

  • J.K. Rowling Is So Transphobic Even Elon Musk Wants Her to Shut Up
  • It is not her own personal opinions, but a part of an agenda, for which she is lobbying and towards which she working. It is well documented by now, see the RESIST research program for example. Also watch her chats with transphobe Helen Joyce about transgender eradication. Hate speech is harming people and should not be protected as free speech. On the contrary, bigots have reclaimed the term free speech to silence queer voices, the ones they disagree with. So unless you condemn the surge of anti-transgender legislation that also restricts free speech for queer voices, I don't think you have much of a leg to stand on.

  • J.K. Rowling Is So Transphobic Even Elon Musk Wants Her to Shut Up
  • Cancelling authors is not like banning books. Oppressing transgender voices is instead much like burning and banning books lists, Florida-style. People are very much aware that Martin Heidegger hailed the Nazis and they can read his work at their own risk. This is not the case with Rowling, who people think is reasonably skeptic towards a radical, dangerous idea. At least this is what Facebook, in contrast to Lemmy, would have you believe. If people are similarly aware that Rowling is a holocaust denier, an obsessive hatred monger in disagreement to all major scientific and medical bodies, an accolade of antisemitic conspiracy theories, and a supporter of trans genocide, then there might be a place for her on your fucking bookshelf. You know, when she is history, not a direct threat to democracy, human life and people's health care and well being.

  • for your opinions that are unpopular llamajester421

    ( I think the ( "too woke" fiasco is the best thing that happened. I can't fathom the social conseq

    \#UnpopularOpinion I think the #Gemini "too woke" fiasco is the best thing that happened. I can't fathom the social consequences or whatever, but having all those outright Nazis getting strokes over Indian founding fathers and Black women 1943 SS soldiers is like the most punk thing since Gretta Thurnberg. As an afterthought, if Elon Fuck says the algorithm is racist now, then it must also have been racist when it excluded Black doctors and shit. Google had even fired their ethicist back then for bringing it up. BUT MUH FREEZE PEACH UWU