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No bouncer at this club
  • My husky got sprayed once on a late night walk. She was so confused -- she just wanted to be friends!

    She got two jets: one in the facial area and another on her rump. The stuff near her face came out relatively quickly (think a timeline of months), whereas the spray on her butt really got the chance to soak in to her double coat. It would still smell ~5 years later if she got wet, just absurd staying power.

    It did eventually fade or, at the very least, became less distinguishable from the general smell of wet dog

  • Backdoor found in widely used Linux utility breaks encrypted SSH connections
  • The malicious code is only thought to have affected deb/rpm packaging (i.e the backdoor only included itself with those packaging methods). Additionally, arch doesn't link ssh against liblzma which means this specific vulnerability wasn't applicable to arch. Arch may have still been vulnerable in other ways, but this specific vulnerability targeted deb/rpm distros

  • What a benevolent lord!
  • Yeah, same thing happened to us. Landlord said he had at least 5 years. After 2 he starts grumbling that our rent is too low but he can't increase it to the level he wants to (BC rent control). We say, oh that's too bad.

    After 3 years he decides he's done being a landlord and wants to sell the apartment and tells us he's going to kick us out and sell the place. We fight. BC has a policy that the landlord must actually live in the unit for at least 6 months in order to evict a current tenant and he's shown us he doesn't intend to do so.

    There is more fighting, he finally consults a lawyer (he didn't seem to be aware of the law). He finally understands what he must do to evict us and we started losing ground. End of story we negotiated him for extra money, getting evicted on the same date and decided it was better than walking away empty handed.

  • I realized why I like friendships with lesbians
  • I don't actually know the answer, but I couldn't resist digging at least just a little bit. My gut tells me that it's probably related to rad fem in some way, like with gold star lesbians etc and that somehow trans people are involved.

    The only thing I could really find was the term "bi lesbian" which is just a way to invalidate the identity of multiple groups of people at once.

    I think maybe some people might be uncomfortable identifying as a label of lesbian, and there are other ways to express this, like wlw. Also for some, lesbian still carries a stigma or implies a connection to porn. Maybe that just means we should work on reclaiming it though, instead of shunning the label

  • 'Stop the price-gouging’: Biden hits corporations
  • A bit late to your comment but they simply don't want you to talk to a human. It's that easy. Talking to a human results in empathy, which results in giving away of deals the management doesn't really want you to give out.

    They'd rather you get frustrated at being able to not reach a human and then you just give up and be a good sheep and pay what you're expected to.

    Oh, unless you want to cancel, in which case it will take no less than 10 different humans bouncing you off various departments and scripts because making it easy to cancel also results in bad metrics

  • Wooden spoon
  • If you think that's silly then you should see all the people praising a woman for putting an ice cube in a pot to the same effect.

    Sure it stopped the water from boiling over, it also stopped the water boiling at all.

  • Diablo 4 World Tier 3 and 4 Now Require Levels 50 and 70? Diablo 4 World Tier 3 and 4 Now Require Levels 50 and 70? - Icy Veins

    It seems there are new level requirements in place that prevent players from moving on to World Tiers 3 and 4, despite clearing the Capstone!

    Diablo 4 World Tier 3 and 4 Now Require Levels 50 and 70? - Icy Veins

    Many players are reporting that they can’t move to World Tiers 3 and 4 after completing the Capstone dungeon. Instead there seem to be level requirements implemented. This is only the case on new characters created after the patch. Apparently, these come in at level 50 for the WT2 to WT3 transition, and at level 70 for WT3 to WT4. This information is coming both from a thread the official forums and from many, many posts in the Sanctuary Discord, as players are unable to move into the tiers without meeting the level requirements.