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Announcing Our Newest Order - House of Heretics: Global Order of Satan Seattle

We're thrilled to announce our latest Order - and second in the USA - House of Heretics: Global Order of Satan Seattle.

Our second Order in the USA, House Of Heretics was established in early 2023 in Seattle, Washington. House of Heretics is registered and licensed by the State of Washington as a non-profit church, and serves the Pacific Northwest region.

Read more about them on our site.


'Safe' Metal Bands and a campaign I'm part of
  • You can do whatever you want mate, just take the stick out of your arse first. No one's being pressured to do anything.

  • People On The Island of Ireland, New Order Under Discussion. Details in Post

    Satanists on the island of Ireland! Talk has recently started about the creation of an Order for you. If you're interested in guiding that discussion and/or joining the potential Order, please head to our International Discord server and when filling out the Discord access application, mention your interest and we can add you to the appropriate Channel.#Ireland #eire #northernireland #UK #satanism #satanic #atheism

    ClamAV Frontend in Godot
  • Ah I see! That makes perfect sense - thank you!

  • ClamAV Frontend in Godot
  • Personally, I prefer flatpak but that's mainly because I have no idea how to use Godot and it feels a bit like overkill installing a game engine to compile an executable.

    That's in no way a dig at what you've achieved, it's very valuable work and I realise it's still at an early stage.

  • Any recommended calendar/app for Linux?
  • I use Tuta's because it syncs across multiple devices.

  • 'Safe' Metal Bands and a campaign I'm part of

    So, as well as subbed to this Community, I'm also moderator of [email protected] which is a Community for an atheistic Satanist organisation I'm a member of.

    We recently (re)launched our Satan Not Hatin' campaign which we're running to try and tackle the incidents of hate (racism, homophobia, transphobia and Nazi shit etc) that sadly some metal bands put out. The campaign isn't just for metal bands, we also cover punk/goth/industrial/alt/indie too but the emphasis is metal bands. It's early days, but it'll continue to grow.

    If you'd like to read more and see how you can help (if you'd like to) please visit the page or if you want to skip straight to the music, there's a playlist on YouTube | Invidious | Piped.


    Satan Not Hatin' Campaign Launched

    Satanists come from a range of eclectic backgrounds with many of us coming from the various alt music scenes – rock, metal, punk, goth, industrial and more. Our love of these scenes, along with the bands, venues and organisations that exist within them, intertwines with our Satanism, often embracing the same themes, imagery and symbolism.

    Sadly, we are noticing a rise in hatred and bigotry in the music scenes we hold dear. We’ve witnessed racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other hate crimes. We’ve seen the symbols we use co-opted into messages of hate. People have been made to feel shamed and unwelcome in what were once open and inclusive communities.

    No more. This is where we start to reclaim these spaces.

    We have therefore relaunched the Satan Not Hatin’ campaign to combat this rise and are thrilled to have been joined by a number of bands, orgs and venues from those scenes.



    Our US Order Will Be At Pittsburgh Pride This Weekend! Map And Details.

    We are excited to share that we can be found at Pittsburgh Pride this Friday (2-8) and Saturday (11-8)! We can be found on the map as SR 26, and will be on Sylvia Rivera St! We will be performing unbaptism rituals, selling merch (stickers, pins, and satanic rosaries), and collecting items for our Baphomet Bags project! We would love to see you there!

    ! ! ! ! ! !


    GOSPod Ep2: Safe Satanism Is Now Live

    Episode Two of our Podcast is now live, the subject is Satanic Safety. We don't use pseudonyms to be edgy. Identifying as a Satanist carries real risk. We interview a few people to hear their experiences.

    As well as Podbean, the episode is on PeerTube, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon etc.

    There's also a YouTube version without ambient background music for those with sensory processing issues or who just find it distracting. YouTube videos will also be available on Invidious and Piped.



    Our UK Order Will Be In London 30th June

    Our UK Order will be in London at the Satanic Flea Market on Sunday June 30th. Come along and say ‘hi’!

    The Market is in Torrens Street, the nearest tube is Angel. It starts at 12pm and ends at 6pm, entry is £4 per person.


    #TST Latest News: Legal Update with #LucienGreaves, @hemantmehta ,and David Williamson [04.23.2024]
  • Not sure there's going to be many ministers left if the current doug-inflicted implosion carries on much longer.

  • how are some people able to fall asleep anywheres?
  • Being old does the trick for me.

  • Our UK Order Welcome Their Two Newest Members

    An announcement from our UK Order:

    "Whilst we never usually share details of our membership, we will make an exception in this case. Please welcome our two newest members, Fleur (left) and Flo (right)."


    As conservatives put religion in schools, Satanists want in, too
  • No, they're not just assholes. If they were just that, nobody would give a shit. I understand what you think they're doing and I understand why you think it's a good thing. As I said to someone else, there's literally no way for anyone to summarise everything. You can either watch it or not, I can't make you.

    It's an oddity of the whole situation that 90% of the 'ordinary' members of TST are good people who want good things, but the owners of TST (and they are the owners, TST is also a registered business as well as a tax-exempt religion) are really not and they have absolute control over it.

  • As conservatives put religion in schools, Satanists want in, too
  • Honestly, that feels impossible - there's just so much there's no way to summarise it neatly. And it goes way, way beyond just the racism eugenics, antisemitism etc. There's the way TST are using the law as a weapon, the numerous comments about how women are treated the higher up the org you get. I really don't know how to summarise it all.

  • As conservatives put religion in schools, Satanists want in, too
  • My take on that is that is that its entirely possible to disagree with and not support any number of bad groups. I definitely wouldn't want my kids exposed to either group.

    The issues raised in this story are to do with education, but the issues with both groups are concerning and go beyond education. I'm not sure not opposing one of them because they're not as established as the other or less awful than the other is really valid. Being less awful is not equal to not awful at all.

  • As conservatives put religion in schools, Satanists want in, too
  • Are you suggesting that someones potential for child rape is the only metric we should look at when determining someones decency?

  • As conservatives put religion in schools, Satanists want in, too
  • I'm a Satanist and affiliated with neither CoS or TST. The leadership of TST are not good people. One of them tried to make himself the god of a cargo cult and the other has a history of making racist, antisemitic and ablist statements. He also owned a website about eugenics until 2018.

    That video I linked to is long but it is very well sourced and I hope might give you a bit more insight into who you're supporting if you choose to join or donate to them. There's a lot of comments under the video from ex-TST members, including Ministers and Chapter Heads who've been badly burnt by TST.

  • maybe the woke was inside us all along
  • The answer in both cases is 'cultural norms and expectations'. Something that I don't think rapists would give much of a shit about. If a man is willing to break laws to assault someone, a cultural norm would seem to be pretty low on their list of concerns.

    Over here in the UK, during the noughties gender neutral bathrooms were popping up in offices everywhere. They were seen as a cool thing that good employers did. It wasn't anything to do with non-cis people demanding it, it just happened organically. It was a fairly brief trend and died out after the financial crash as costs were cut but people of all genders thought they were fine. It seemed a rare moment of sanity to me. We all piss and shit the same way so a loo has always seemed (to me) a very weird place to be designated as a woman only space, or a man only space come to that.

    According to the latest census data the trans population of the UK is about 0.5% of the 16+ population with 0.1% identifying as trans men and 0.1% identifying as trans women. Thats about 45,000 people in each group, across the whole of the UK.

    The UK has lost its collective shit when it's making decisions that effectively punish trans people based on such an incredibly low number of people, especially when there's literally zero indication that trans women are potential rapists or are in anyway going to negatively affect women's rights. More than half the country are cis-women/girls. How on Earth does anyone imagine 45,000 people are a threat to to 30million+? The trans women I know just want to live their lives without being made to feel like shit.

  • FOSS dictation and transcription software
  • I can vouch for whisper.cpp . It's not 100% perfect but it's good enough to transcribe a half hour podcast with numerous speakers and which requires pretty minimal fixing afterwards.

  • maybe the woke was inside us all along
  • Genuine question: public toilets aren't typically locked. Does the fact one of the doors has a picture of a woman on it stop a determined rapist?

  • Natalie Elphicke: Former Tory MP defects to Labour
  • Her being allowed to join Labour says just as much about them as it does the Tories. Labour being seen as a safe haven for very far right Tories is not a good look.

  • GOS UK Will Be At The Dirty Black Summer Market on June 8th

    Our UK Order's next market is a month today! Saturday 8th June, 12 - 6pm at The Dirty Black Summer Market at The Black Heart in Camden, London (The Black Heart, 2 - 3 Greenland Place, Camden Town, London, NW1 0AP). Nearest tube station is Camden Town, less than 1 min away. Entry is free, under-18's welcome, dogs welcome.


    Proton Mail Discloses User Data Leading to Arrest in Spain
  • It is worth noting though, that Proton doesn't allow you to use certain domains for recovery addresses. Admittedly this was awhile ago and maybe things have changed there but when I first joined Proton they wouldn't allow me to set a or or address as a recovery email.

    Obviously using an apple ID is stupid but Proton could make more of an effort too.

  • Tory bosses 'lost the plot' in London by picking Susan Hall
  • The latter is very much the case.

  • J.K. Rowling Is So Transphobic Even Elon Musk Wants Her to Shut Up
  • Is this a reprimand or an invitation to spew hate at other sections of society like him?

  • C.J Sansom, author of the SHardlake series dies - 3 days before a TV adaptation of the first book is aired CJ Sansom, novelist admired for the rigour of his bestselling Shardlake Tudor detective stories – obituary

    ‘I realised how like the 20th century [the Tudor age] was in its anxiety and uncertainty, even though people thought so differently then’

    CJ Sansom, novelist admired for the rigour of his bestselling Shardlake Tudor detective stories – obituary

    CJ Sansom, the popular crime author who created the character Matthew Shardlake, has died aged 71.

    The historical novelist, whose full name was Christopher John Sansom, died on Saturday, according to his publisher Pan Macmillan.

    His Tudor murder-mystery novels have recently been adapted to the screen by Disney+, with the first season to be released on Wednesday.

    ­Sansom’s first novel, Dissolution, featuring the lawyer-turned-­detective Shardlake, dub­bed the “Tudor Morse”, was published 21 years ago.

    He wrote six further novels featuring Shardlake and two standalone historical novels, Winter in Madrid, and Dominion.

    Sansom recently won the Crime Writers’ Association Cartier Diamond Dagger Award for his outstanding contribution to the genre.

    There are more than three million copies of his books in print, according to his publisher.

    Need to watch.
  • It's a very informative and well put together video. For those of us who've known about a lot of the things Doug and Cevin have got up to both before TST began and since, it's interesting to see non-Satanic progressive activists beginning to look deeper into how they operate. It's also fascinating to witness the level of denial some current members operate under.

    I think this is the 3rd YT-er to look at them. illuminaughti is obviously the biggest with their 1.5million subscribers but Dead Domain is much newer so whilst I think 'wannabe' is a bit harsh, it's true that 80k is not 1.5million. Even so, there's a few very interesting comments from past members and (appalled) current members learning all this for the first time in the comment section of that video.

  • UK - Episode One of the Podcast is now live!

    Our UK Order have published episode one "Origins" of GOSPod, their podcast.

    In this first episode of GOSPod, they talk about the origins of the Global Order of Satan and what it's become today and offer some personal insights into how each of the hosts discovered Satanism and GOS itself.

    You subscribe in the usual ways at or either our YouTube GOSPod playlist (remember Invidious is a thing) or if you prefer, it's on our PeerTube GOSPod playlist too.



    Potential Brave Pro Subscription model?

    It seems possible that Brave are building Brave Pro, which looks like its a subscription based service of some kind. A note on the Android implementation of the project reads (GitHub link):

    "Implement the required runtime changes (profile settings, chrome flags, group policies, etc.) with the appropriate values that enable the Brave Pro experience. Using Brave in this mode with its default settings and making changes to the Brave Pro defaults require an active paid subscription.

    When the browser has no active credentials for Brave Pro, the panel UI will promote the service and include the initial payment CTA. When credentials are present the panel UI will include the appropriate toggles for making changes to the default settings."

    It also links to a private Google Doc.


    UK - A Good Day At The Satanic Flea Market, Starring Rollo The Hellhound

    So, we had a very successful day in London yesterday, Talked to lots of interesting people, sold some merch but the star of the show was undoubtably Rollo, the Hellhound (our Chaplain's doggo), chief dispenser of good vibes.

    ! !


    UK - Christian Influence Grows As Britian's Conservative Party Shifts Rightward

    The article is paywalled, here is a working archive version.

    In an article in the Financial Times, the increasing rise in christian extremism amongst Tory MP's is noted. They quote MP Nick Fletcher:

    >"Fletcher is a proud evangelical Christian, and cites trans rights, conversion therapies, abortion, assisted dying and freedom of speech as topics where religious MPs “need to be able to talk about our faith”."

    They also note the rising prominence of Miriam Cates and Danny Kruger, co-chairs of the New Conservatives right-wing faction who we at GOS have talked about before and who have links to the influence and money that sibling organisations in the USA provide, a fact the Times also notes:

    >Tim Bale, a politics professor at Queen Mary University of London, said the growing strain of evangelicalism in the Tory party, which he described as “an American import”, was particularly notable.

    Cates and Kruger were part of a christian/right-wing conference last year (the National Conservatism Conference) where these evangelical ideas were expounded upon by the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Suella Braverman, Micheal Gove, David Starkey (who said that left-wing activists are “jealous” of the Holocaust and that groups like Black Lives Matter were attempting to destroy “white culture”), anti-vaxx mouthpiece Melanie Phillips and Lee Anderson as well as speakers from the US arm of the movement such as Senator JD Vance. (Guardian article for more on this Conference)

    All this against the backdrop in the UK of continual and notable decline in christianity in both people who identify as christians no longer being a majority of the population and the active decline in church attendance.

    It's amazing to us therefore that these MP's have the hubris to believe they have a right to speak 'for the people' when they very clearly don't and that they think they have the right to impose their superstitions on the rest of us. Especially since 'the rest of us' is now the majority of the country.

    >"...MPs also cited the role of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational Christian network founded in 1990 that “inspires and equips believers to go into public life”, as a key force in ushering in more Christians into the party’s elected ranks."

    Looking at the rise of the very extreme right wing based christianity in the US, this is not something we want here. We stand against it as Adversaries.



    Announcing Our Newest Order: Iglesia Satanista (Chile)

    We're delighted to introduce our latest Order: Iglesia Satanista - orden local de la Orden Global de Satanás.

    Based in Chile, South America, they have spent several years now laying the groundwork for the formation of a local Satanic religious organisation. We've been keeping track of their progress over the last two years and are all really impressed with the dedication and determination on show. Philosophically they fit in perfectly with our Pillars and we are really excited to join forces with them.