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I asked to generate an image of itself. This is what it gave me.
  • While cool, I am surprised this is considered noteworthy enough for an article. There's so much experimentation constantly going on with these models, what makes this special? It's more like the inspiration for a creepypasta.

  • Danish government prepares bill to stop Koran burnings
  • Burning someone's work would most often just make you seem deranged. But don't muddy the waters here, the key point is it must be legal. And if someone wants to make it illegal, that's the rare good reason to actually do it.

  • Nvidia reveals new A.I. chip, says costs of running LLMs will ‘drop significantly’
  • AI might not survive the next decade? I already use it every day at work. The productivity gains are enormous and far from saturated. I think it's more likely that AI will survive and consumers (humans) will not survive.

  • What's the best financial decision you've ever made?
  • Not sure how much income taxes are for you but the gross difference is $65k and I'll assume you take home at least half of that. So $32k. Just curious like which specific categories of items were costing you tens of thousands of dollars that you were able to cut out? Is this the famous American medical expenses mainly? Just trying to be able to understand

  • Riots in AI city
  • I don't think we can consider AI as a monoloth. A text to image AI surely has no conception at all of what a city is for. An LLM might have such a concept, but I wouldn't be worried about what it thinks based on limitations of a totally unrelated model.

  • OpenAI being Sued for "Stealing" Peoples Content Online
  • Well, I'll make the halting problem for this conversation decidable by concluding :). It was interesting to talk, but I was not convinced.

    I think some amazing things are coming out of deep learning and some day our abilities will generally be surpassed. Hopefully you are right, because I think we will all die shortly afterwards.

    Feel free to have the final word.

  • OpenAI being Sued for "Stealing" Peoples Content Online
  • Here are two groups of claims I disagree with that I think you must agree with

    1 - brains do things that a computer program can never do. It is impossible for a computer to ever simulate the computation* done by a brain. Humans solve the halting problem by doing something a computer could never do.

    2 - It is necessary to solve the halting problem to write computer programs. Humans can only write computer programs because they solve the halting problem first.

    *perhaps you will prefer a different word here

    I would say that:

    • it doesn't require solving any halting problems to write computer programs
    • there is no general solution to the halting problem that works on human brains but not on computers.
    • computers can in principle simulate brains with enough accuracy to simulate any computation happening on a brain. However, there would be far cheaper ways to do any computation.

    Which of my statements do you disagree with?