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TIL that dish soap and water can be put in a spray bottle to kill wasps and other insects from a distance without getting stung
  • You can apply to be allowed to remove, or most likely only relocate, the wasp nest, if it is a protected species. For that you need to prove that the wasps are a danger (eg located near a bedroom, a resident has a wasp allergy etc). Just being inconvenienced, eg you can’t use the attic or a part of your back yard or you can’t open certain windows, is not enough.

    In general, here in Germany it is always forbidden to hurt or kill an animal without reason. Some endangered species have special protections though, and that is what can make killing certainly wasps without permission very expensive. If you are caught, that is.

    Of course you can always go the the hardware store, pay 20€ for a can of very effective wasp foam and get rid of them without permission. People do that all the time. Just don’t get caught.

  • Looking for a "dumb" IP camera
  • Of course. Get hikvision. Or Annke, which is a oem reseller and a bit cheaper. No cloud required, you get a proper web interface for configuration and two (configurable) rtsp streams.

    If you want to be 100% sure they can not phone home, get a managed switch and put them on a separate vlan together with your nvr.

    And please don’t go the wifi route. It’s just crap for video surveillance. Get some cameras with Ethernet and POE, that way it’s still just one cable, but no more dropped frames.

  • ich🖤💜iel
  • Wer hat denn aus der Union irgendetwas positives über Wagenknecht gesagt?

    Günther hat lediglich gesagt, dass man die Linke nicht mit der AfD gleichsetzen sollte. Und dass er Ramelow als Ministerpräsidentenkollege schätzt.

    Das finde ich persönlich eine sehr vernünftige Aussage.

    Dass Wagenknecht und ihre Hardcore-Anhänger die Linke verlassen haben, dürfte solch eine Entwicklung nur wahrscheinlicher gemacht haben.

  • I despise YouTube channels where the owner mindlessly talks to the camera, adding no real value to the content
  • „Reaction“ videos, and especially whole reaction channels are the worst. For every one that might add something of value there are thousand others that are absolutely vapid and useless.

    It is mindblowing to me that someone would watch something like: „hey its your guy uselessperson again. Y’all wanted me to listen to XYZ. Let’s go [listening to music] okay, that was cool. What do you think? Comment below, like, subscribe, hit the bell and see you next time“

    Why? Seriously.

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