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Common printing questions
  • It's the raspberry pi of printers. It's good for hobbyist and as a learning platform. its very cheap to get/mod and find parts.

    But it's not reliable enough for someone who wants printed parts. People who know 3d printing will underestimate the knowledge needed to use one of them.

  • Common printing questions
  • Lower layer height will make the steps smaller. In orca slicer you can use adaptive layer height to decrease layer height just on the top of the dome.

    Choosing different printing orientation can be a solution.

  • College protesters seek amnesty to keep arrests and suspensions from trailing them
  • If the only legal way to protest is to do it alone in a field then the legality of the protest is a moot point. Protesting is about the public getting heard and the cost is to productivity. The cost shouldn’t be an arrest record and stigma. This isn’t because two or three assholes are disrupting a campus. Students are getting arrested in dozens. Professors are getting arrested too. What the colleges and universities are doing against their own students is unacceptable.