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Check the new Power Ampache app!
  • Just installed! It took me a minute to log in. Turns out I needed to look into my nextcloud music app's settings to get the server url and to generate an api key to use (for totally good security reasons)

    Friggin awesome app! Very snappy and well featured!

    Im in love :)

  • Mexico election: Mayor killed after first woman elected leader
  • I thin there should be a proper study and maybe proposal to Legalize and lightly-regulate class-A drugs so the Cartel loses their main revenue stream, black market drugs.

    I am pulling this out my butt, but Im betting the main source of capital in the cartel's economy is wealthy people buying drugs. Poor people too, but Im betting the wealthy addicts with jobs and clean records contribute more.

    If we rerouted those funds to actual tax-revenue-generating jobs the Cartel mightlosee somepowera and our economy wouldn't be leaking so much money to the illegal drug trade.

  • President Biden vetoes crypto custody bill
  • If I underatand correctly, you're saying banks should be allowed to accept the risk of crypto market fluctuations and scams.

    Unfortunately when banks lose bets, they effectivel hold the economy hostage until taxpayers bail them out.

    Much better to tell them if they want to offer crypto holdings, they need to be able to cover total loss of it.

    If that means banks can't hold crypto, I won't shed a tear.

  • Under Pressure, Biden Allows Ukraine to Use U.S. Weapons to Strike Inside Russia
  • Putin has been slowly taking lands of strategic importance for over a decade. Taking Ukraine would give Russia total control of the Black sea and a significant geographic advatage in the region. NATO was formed specifically to prevent Russia from expanding and it is very much in US's interest that Russia doesnt decide to take over Europe.

    Funny hearing your concern about money laundering as Putin and his cronies famously steal from state budgets and launder that money through various shell companies and even US real estate.

  • True
  • Very good points.

    I will maintain the the big broadcasters and newspapers have always been slanted, but you are right...

    Many, if not most journalists themselves have integrity and should be honored and funded.

    Many publications do too.

  • True
  • He's not right though..

    News hardly gets any funding by anyone wothout a goal of people telling others how to think.

    The only reason this guy would think the news was ever good is because he used to not know any better.

  • Elon Musk confirms his threat: give me 25% of Tesla or you don't get AI and robotics
  • I may have some names and details wrong here, but Elon is not the brains of AI.

    He did start Open AI to find some people with the brains.

    Andrej Karpathy was the mastermind of Tesla's FSD. He left the company after it was clear his developments would get FSD solved with enough data and compute. He's no longer at Tesla, but it is primarity his work that everything is based on.

    Jim Keller was lead developer of the FSD inferrence chip I think. He also helps develop chips for Apple and Intel. He is not at Tesla.

    Emil Talpes is lead architect of Dojo chip

    Ganesh Venkataramanan is lead architect of Dojo supercomputer system

    What we can credit Elon with is telling folks to make a robo taxi back in 2015 and paying people to do it, but thats about it. Keep in mind he became the richest man in the world for doing this. He doesnt need more compensation at the expense of Tesla and its shareholders.

    If Elon died today Tesla would be just fine. I'd argue even better.. A lot of folks I talk to think Teslas are cool cars, but hate Elon's toxic personality and fear his attacks on free speech. They don't want to support such a maniacal weirdo.

  • Economic damage from climate change six times worse than thought | A 1C increase in global temperature leads to a 12% decline in world gross domestic product, researchers have found
  • I've though about this a lot. I suspect evolution tilts a little towards psycopathy when wealthy.

    Hard to say if theres a mechanism for that encoded in DNA, but if there is, Im betting it would get naturally selected for.

    If an individual is in a position of power, then being a self-entitled asshole rapist will reduce competition and increase the spread of genes... Especially if the individual is a male

    Assuming this has a negative effect of society, cultural evolution would hopefully respond with counters to this... Which I think is what we see time and again all over the world.

    Society gets living situations relatively reliable. Assholes rise making things worse, society either crumbles into weakness or rejects new situation and removes assholes, encodes new ethics into societal norms and works towards gettingliiving situations reliable, repeat.

    When more people are fed abd housed, theres more resources to devote towards economic and war engines, so I think this makes asshole removal naturally selected for on a cultural level.

    This loop seems to be getting more frequent and I'd love if we could skip the parts where folks are miserable and dying.

  • Tesla Seeks to Revive Musk’s $47 Billion Pay Deal After Judge Says No
  • Ive been an investor in the company since before they were making any profit and have been listening to their quarterly shareholder calls for a very long time.

    I have more money invested in Tesla than any other stock. This is because I strongly believe in their mission statement and am very happy with the engineering. I even credit Elon with their agile engineering approach and first principals strategizing... And he became literally the richest person in the world because of it. He doesnt need 3.5 years of all company profits. He's shown he wont do anything good with that money. Thats multiple gigafactories he wants to pocket for himself in exchange for checks notes being a dick and scaring people away from Tesla.

    Tesla is becoming associated with rich, antisemitic smartypants poser doucheladdles instead of "Transitioning Earth to a sustainable energy infrastructure" as is the mission statement and he is why.

    Here was where I got the figures for my comment. They are very much in line with the dozens of earnings reports I've tuned in to over the years.

  • Tesla Seeks to Revive Musk’s $47 Billion Pay Deal After Judge Says No
  • I cant wait for the shareholders to say no.

    He plundered the stock to buy twitter and is back asking for even more... What a dickhead

    56 billion from a company that made $15 billion last year (a big record). He wants 3.73 times the entire ducking company's net on their highest year ever's income.

    ...just did the math. Tesla has netted 27.1 billion since 2011.

    He wants a little more than DOUBLE the total cumulative earnings of the whole company;.

    I hope he gets the boot. The company will be better off without him.