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EU chat control law proposes scanning your messages — even encrypted ones
  • After the last elections the EU should be terrified of Nazis. Every bit of surveillance they get through now means less work for the fuckers later if they are able to grasp power.

    May I kindly remind everyone of the Jew registers? The Nazis came and all the paper work was already done, good for them.

    The EU is such a fantastic idea, but with shit like this they shoot themselves regularly in the foot.

  • [DISCUSSION] [SPOILERS] X-Men '97 - S01E10 - Tolerance Is Extinction (3) - Discussion
  • As someone who never had watched cartoons of the X-Men and only knows the movies and the MCU this show lost me completely. I had after a few episodes not a clue what was happening. No backstory to get invested in, and the big reveal left me emotionless. All the dialogue was, without context I think, cringe and over the top dramatic.

    I guess this is only for nostalgic fans of the 90s shows. I could imagine I would have liked it a lot more with this background.

  • 2024 European Parliament election in Germany
  • I'm tired of calling it protest votes. The last idiot in a cave should have heard by now that they are literally Nazis. People who voted for them are Nazis. Which gives me the creeps as a citizen of Germany.

    But on the national issues thing I'm full on your side.

  • HVO statt Diesel: Nur wenige Tankstellen bieten Alternative an
  • "Warum gibt es Kritik an HVO100?

    Kritiker des neuen Kraftstoffs bezweifeln, dass die Klimabilanz tatsächlich so positiv ausfällt. Der massenhafte Einsatz von altem Frittierfett, Palmöl-Nebenprodukten oder Tierfetten berge ein hohes Betrugsrisiko, heißt es von der Deutschen Umwelthilfe. "Ein Kraftstoff, für den altes Frittierfett aus Asien um den halben Globus transportiert wird, um dann hier in Pkw-Verbrennungsmotoren verheizt zu werden, ist nicht nachhaltig", so DUH-Bundesgeschäftsführer Jürgen Resch.

    Zudem erfordert die Herstellung von HVO Wasserstoff. Bislang wird Wasserstoff in Deutschland allerdings noch zu großen Teilen aus fossilen Energieträgern gewonnen - und das dürfte sich auch sobald nicht ändern. Denn Deutschland und die Europäische Union dürften laut einer Studie der Unternehmensberatung PwC ihre eigenen Ziele zu "grünem Wasserstoff" aus Erneuerbarer Energie verfehlen - das wiederum relativiert die behauptete Klimafreundlichkeit von HVO100."


    Hört sich schwer nach Blender an.

  • I need some help choosing a monitor.
  • Okay, If you like older games that card should run them at 1080p with high details. I had the 6600, and it had enough power to run Cyberpunk at that resolution with high (not max) details at 50 FPS. Less demanding games reached higher frame rates, so my recommendation would be 1080p with a refresh rate of 100hz or more. Maybe 24" or 27". If you use it for office applications mainly maybe you could go 2 or even 4k. Have fun!!

  • Mist auf der Fahrbahn - wo bleibt die Empörung? Die Bauern haben Mist gebaut - wo bleibt die Empörung?

    In Brandenburg haben Bauern aus Protest Misthaufen auf die Fahrbahn gekippt. Mehrere Menschen wurden verletzt. Aber anders als bei der "Letzten Generation" regt sich kaum jemand darüber auf. Warum? Von Jacqueline Piwon.

    Die Bauern haben Mist gebaut - wo bleibt die Empörung?

    Mehr Aggression im Straßenverkehr ( Unfallforschung der Versicherer: Mehr Aggressionen im Straßenverkehr

    Auf Deutschlands Straßen geht es immer aggressiver zu. Das berichten Verkehrsteilnehmer bei einer Befragung der Unfallforschung der Versicherer. Die Hälfte gab an, dass sie sich nach Ärger gelegentlich im Verkehr abreagieren.

    Unfallforschung der Versicherer: Mehr Aggressionen im Straßenverkehr

    Build Ready: A short compatibility/mistake check required please.

    Hello! I hope you have a nice sunday morning!

    But if you can spare a few seconds, could you please make a short check about the compatability? Or if I am missing something? I write under the parts why I chose them if neccessary.

    Usecase: Gaming, rarely modern games, mostly 5 years or older titles. Also video consumption, and a little bit of work like excel or word. NO streaming or video editing and stuff like that. I have a 32" 4k 144 hz monitor, but I have no problem with running games for example at 1080p, they still look nice.

    The prices are definitly ok for my country, so I'm just asking if anyone can spot an incompatability or has a suggestion where I do something extremely stupid.

    It has been 9 years since my last built so I must admit I'm a bit nervous. Also I don't really have a budget, but energy efficiency is my main goal for some of the parts.

    Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D (409 Euro)

    (longevity, using a i7 4770 for almost 9 years now, maybe I can repeat that)

    Mainboard: ASRock B650 PG Lightning (204 Euro)

    (many USB ports that I definetly will use)

    RAM: G.Skill DIMM 32 GB DDR5-6000 (2x16 GB) 30-38-38-96 (113 Euro)

    (low profile because big air cooler)

    Air cooler: be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 (89 Euro)

    (Silent Assassin is not available here, this was the next best thing)

    Tower: be quiet! Dark Base 900

    (already have it)

    PSU: be quiet! Pure Power 12M 850W, 80+Gold (135 Euro)

    (read good reviews)

    Storage: WD Black SN850X NVMe SSD 2TB (120 Euro)

    (read good reviews)

    GPU: Gainward GeForce RTX 4070 Ghost OC (599 Euro)

    (very energy efficient, would have liked to go the AMD route, but they are too power hungry)

    Soundcard: Soundblaster X-FI Titanium

    (already have it, love the features and connectivity)

    Total: Around 1650 Euro