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What jobs were you horrified to learn are done by people with little to no experience or training?
  • 1 hour video? Ain't nobody got time for that.

    Summarized by AI (ugh):

    The "Shipbreakers" YouTube video explores the issue of toxic ships being illegally exported to developing countries for breaking, with a focus on the notorious case of the Norwegian ship, the Tulip. Despite being on Greenpeace's most toxic list, the ship flies a bogus flag and its first-world owners deny responsibility. Marietta, a character in the video, expresses concern over the double standard of Western countries exporting their toxic waste while refusing to accept it in their own. The video also features Mittu, a shipbreaker who expresses his longing to travel but finds contentment in the present as he watches ships come to be broken down for survival. The scene is accompanied by upbeat singing, highlighting the contrasting emotions of destruction and contentment. The video also shows the dangerous and labor-intensive process of dismantling old ships for scrap, with workers risking accidents and injury to extract valuable resources from the obsolete vessels.