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Bluetooth and Wifi problems.
  • I tried your suggestions, but the issue persists.

    The btusb module is blacklisted because the Wi-Fi module (rtw88_8822be) doesn't work when btusb is loaded at boot time. It seems rtw88_8822be and btusb have a conflict and can't be loaded together.

    My suspicion is that the ideapad_laptop module isn't properly disabling Wi-Fi during shutdown, causing this conflict. This could be why the rtw88_8822be module is needed. Unfortunately, resolving this conflict might be complex and may not have a simple solution.

    Thanks though.

  • Bluetooth and Wifi problems.

    My Bluetooth isn't working. It's not even detected by the rfkill list command. Since installing various Linux distributions, I've had persistent Wi-Fi issues. To fix those, I used this repository: repo:

    Important: This rtw88 repository is for Wi-Fi only. The kernel drivers btusb and btrtl (located in the drivers/bluetooth directory) are used for Realtek Bluetooth devices.

    While Bluetooth works after manually loading btusb, it doesn't load automatically. Here's my question:

    • How can I configure btusb to load automatically at boot?
    • Alternatively, what might be causing btusb not to load automatically?



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