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[Discussion] Do you still use your Steam Deck much?
  • I just have it hooked up to the dock and play it on my TV mostly like a portable itty bitty PC. I have an Xbox controller and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse so I can play basically anything but fallout 4 since they thought it would be hilarious to remove menu prompts from that game when you use the deck on a TV. No idea why but yeah I can do most stuff with it so I do.

  • Amazon execs may be personally liable for tricking users into Prime sign-ups
  • My mom recently asked me to cancel her prime reading or whatever for her and it was infuriating. I was in the app and clicked cancel and it went to a browser where I had to click to cancel and that just opened the app where I had to click the same link that opened the browser that opened the app that opened the browser. I was getting fucking pissed when it suddenly finally opened the link in the browser so I could cancel. I'm 99% sure they actually have it coded to open in the browser after 10 tries or something to make it difficult but can't run afoul of legislation since you can technically do it if you are tenacious enough.

  • Incumbent Democrat Who Voted to Ban Gender-Affirming Care in Texas Loses Primary
  • This is hard in some races. I just had to do a bunch of digging to figure out which state supreme court candidates were secretly Republicans because they're all required to run as unaffiliated and pretend not to be biased. So they all make the same damn comments about judicial overreach but one is talking about preserving our democracy by preventing it and one is talking about imploding our democracy by doing it. My head hurts but I figured it out omfg.

  • Massive issues with sleep and desperate for a solution.
  • Yeah it's hard to help because you didn't go into the nature of your sleep issues, but I had wicked bad insomnia for about 2 decades and sleep great now. CBD/weed helped immensely as well as getting a white noise machine.

    Edit: also look up binaural beats and try delta waves. You'll need a good set of over the ear headphones and you need to just lie in bed in the dark playing it. You can also try yoga nidra, which if you haven't heard of it is not actually yoga. It's a form of meditation that you do lying in bed that can help with falling asleep.

  • A disembunnied head was seen hovering at a Bunnyville residence early this morning. Authorities are investigating.

    A Nine-Bun-Bun spokesbun asked that all bunnies please remain calm and thump if you feel that you are in danger. Hoomans are asked to provide extra treats and pets during this scary time.

    I've had Tommy for about 3 months and he's finally settling in. And he's looking good as always!
  • I didn't edit anything specifically with the eyes. The only thing I did was brighten the entire picture a little because it was pretty dark and he had some shadows on him. That said his eyes are a lighter color in better lighting but they are very blue!

    Edit: here's the original plus a potato quality picture with better lighting that I think better reflects what his eyes normally look like

  • Fewer people in the US plan to buy EVs this year, study shows
  • Right? It's not because people don't want them, it's because people don't want the specific ones they're selling and people want to be able to get from point a to b in them. I want one but I also have a pretty fuel efficient vehicle with low miles because I basically drive to the grocery store and maybe one other place each week so I'm sure as shit not trading it in for a massive vehicle that costs 3x more than it needs to.

  • Cats lagomorphlecture

    Please share your experiences with IBS.

    You awesome people were so responsive to the picture of Tommy that I posted yesterday so I was hoping some of you might be able to chime in with your IBS experiences because he has it and none of my cats have before. I got Tommy a few months ago. He had been surrendered after having crystals and was eating prescription food for that. He had diarrhea however and tested negative for parasites. It sounded like the vet only even bothered testing for parasites because he had been in a shelter, I guess it isn't normally seen in this area with normal housecats. Anyways there was some intermittent improvement with an antibiotic so the vet changed him to a food that is safe for crystals but designed for ibs. He was fine within 2 days of starting this food but the last 2 days I could hear his tummy gurgling and now he has diarrhea again. He hasn't eaten anything off diet except for hay, which I think he got into because his tummy already wasn't feeling well. FWIW I'm calling the vet when they open to leave a message and get his Dr's thoughts, but wanted to also see if anyone else has had this experience. Is it common with cats who need prescription food for digestive issues to improve then relapse? Will this probably be something he just goes through every once in a while? I do know that my sister's cats eat a different food (same brand but different prescription formula) for diarrhea and she finds some every once in a while and then they seem fine again.

    I've had Tommy for about 3 months and he's finally settling in. And he's looking good as always!
  • I've heard that too but he's not deaf. He's also not white though lol I got him from the shelter so I'm not totally sure about breed but I believe he's an orange tabby/Siamese mix. I used to have this white cat with one blue eye and one green eye though and so many people asked if she was deaf lol

  • Cats lagomorphlecture

    I've had Tommy for about 3 months and he's finally settling in. And he's looking good as always!

    Rabbits lagomorphlecture

    Clover gave us a real scare today. She got overheated and started shaking really bad.

    The temperature in here gets higher than today regularly but it's normally really dry. Today has been very humid so I guess that must be why. Everyone needs to know the signs of overheating! Clover was visibly shaking and her ears were hot. We cooled her by turning on the AC and putting an ice pack on her. You could also touch the ice pack to their ears to help or spray their ears with a little mist of water then blow a fan on it to cool them down.


    [Current Events] A local bunny overheated today and needed urgent cooling assistance. Everybun survived the heat wave unharmed.

    However, Clover wants every hooman to know the signs of overheating so you can render aid to a hot bunny ASAP. Clover says she was shaking really hard and her ears were super hot during the incident. The hooman put an ice pack on her and turned on the AC. In a pinch, Clover says the hooman also could have sprayed her ears with a little water and then blown a fan over them.


    Does this instance have a stance on right wing disinformation communities?

    There's a new one suddenly popping up in my feed but obviously the reports are being "resolved" by the mods of that community. They suggested to me that I block their community but I will not because that is how you get a cesspit of an instance. How do we report disinformation communities straight to the admins?

    Edit: the admins did remove the community in question so I'm going to take that as the official stance on disinformation communities and also assume that any type of community (right wing, left wing, or other) that are intentionally spreading disinformation will be removed. That makes me feel much better about the situation since this type of thing is pretty much guaranteed to pop up again.


    [Current Events] Local bunnymans release statement in favor of nanners.

    The statement, written by Ben Fullahay and signed by his life partner Wally, was short and to the point. "Listen, we know everybun already supports nanners but we just want everybun to know we support them too, capish?"


    Hello fellow bunny lovers. I'm pleased to introduce Clover. Clover

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like cloverWrecker.


    Bunnyville's most popular magazine, Teen Bun Health, was also popular in ancient Bunnyville.

    Hundreds of ancient issues somehow survived gnawing to be rediscovered in a pile in the hidden room.


    Of course, Bunnyville also had many popular artists.

    The popular work of Vincent Bun Gogh can still be viewed at the Bunnyville museum.


    Bunnies typically got together for a single showing of popular films.

    Showings were often announced the day of and received high attendance and reviews.