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ladfrombrad ladfrombrad 🇬🇧

not called Brad but rather a lad, from Bradford in the UK.

Enjoys breaking apps, escooters, spam rings and sometimes bones, but not my own. That sucks.

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We unleashed Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms on blank accounts. They served up sexism and misogyny
  • We also have KFC and McDonald's, but does that mean a study from the US about them should be posted here too?

    It's really not on topic especially since it's coming from an Australian study?

  • This ‘Google TV Streamer’ set-top box is what comes after Chromecast
  • You'd think they'd include an ethernet port on the device itself.

    Or, hopefully they include a power brick with a RJ45 port. WiFi for streaming large high bitrate files is less than ideal especially if it's touted as a set top streaming box.

  • What's your list of banned brands?
  • Very true.

    I generally just use my ceramic bladed hair cutter on 0 when I'm not required to have a clean, clean shave, and then like I say above just use a BIC when I need a baby's bum face for work etc.

    The twin / triple blades I find can be off-putting to some since if you have too much growth they latch on and snag.

  • Google Confirms Play Store App Deletion—Now Just 6 Weeks Away
  • APKMirror uses the hash from the Play Store to verify they're serving you the legit apk.

    It's been around for years, the owner is very keen about their little baby, but relies on adverts. If you can put up with the latter you're gucci

  • What's your list of banned brands?
  • Yeah, we've got something I recall being called the P-laws or something brought in, meaning all new sockets need to be a certain height above floor level.

    I've seen many rented houses here that still have them on the floor since older builds ain't required to rectify them. Scary if you see all the recent flooding we've been having in some parts of the country :/

    But those three pin / fused BS 1363 whilst been one of the safest sockets you can get, I can confirm they're an absolute bastard if you stand on one.

  • What's your list of banned brands?
  • Personally, I never learned how to use a razor


    Alright. Ima be ur daddy and tell you have to shave in 3 minutes flat.

    • Acquire some BIC single blade razors

    • Head to shower, put it on steaming hot and apply steaming hot water to face. Getting a hot towel after getting out of the shower and leaving it on your face for a while makes a tough shave even moar comfortable.

    • Lather shaving foam all over face

    • Run BIC razor under cold running water and shave until your face is like a baby's bum

    • Rinse thoroughly with cold water to remove all lather

  • What's your list of banned brands?
  • As a Britbong, I'm always proud of not only BS1363 and the safety it has brung us over the years but the fact that I know that number off the top of my head.

    I usually have a goldfish memory for things like that.

  • Help me figure out if i downloaded something shady, please
  • While I've used ClamAV and knew they had a Windows app as well as other platforms I've never heard of the above website, and it smells funny to me.

    ClamAV has been around for years, and I'd throw caution to the wind with the above Windows executable from ClamWin......

    cc: @[email protected]

  • How to auto download with *arr?
  • Just had a nosey, that DSM 923 (Vs 423) doesn't have a discreet GPU.

    What rules are you putting on your downloads from the arrr's, and do you find some struggle to transcode w/ Jellyfin?

    I've had to lower the rules since it got silly trying to transcode 80GB+ files over the puny specs of the DSMs > N100 SFF box I'm testing with, and use them solely for NAS / arrrrrs. I still need to invest a little more I think :/

  • How to auto download with *arr?
  • That's what I've been curious about, but even still on a DSM 223 & 418 I've found them alright to an extent running Radarr/Sonarr/Transmission.

    I did however run into problems trying to use them via Container Manager aka Docker on the DSM's.

    Jellyfin thou is definitely best run on something that can transcode media and the DSM's are definitely not cut out for that, and if your Windows PC has an Intel processor will see you having less issues. Good luck you ;)

  • How to auto download with *arr?
  • Maybe try it the other way like I've done?

    Put the arrr stack + qbit on your Syn drive, mount the shares via NFS, and then use Jellyfin on your Windows PC?

    edit: or, like you're saying you're wanting qbit behind your Mullvad put that on your Windows PC and tell Sonarr/Radarr that's where the Download Client is

  • How to auto download with *arr?
  • Are you running Jellyfin on the NAS as well as the arrr stack?

    Also which Synology NAS do you have exactly and as someone else asked, what client / box are you using to access it with?

    I've got a couple of Synology boxes and only run Radarr/Sonarr/Transmission on them and that's it - Jellyfin is on another SFF PC and I've also been thinking of taking Transmission out of the Syn boxes since it nails them on large & multiple downloads.

  • Satanists to volunteer in Florida schools in protest at DeSantis religious bill
  • Love it, thank you so much for the giggle.

    As someone brought up initially in a primary RC school I always find the fact that while they had a top notch reputation for giving you a "better education" than general comprehensive schools really ironic because their science dept actually taught me, that there are no fairies in the sky and it's actually where we end up, as Earth burps 🌨️

    I for one welcome these chaplins, elves, and umpa lumpas in our RC schools. Gives a bit of diversity.


  • Privacy on Cars. How to stop data collection and transmission?
  • I wonder if what you could do is look into a Stingray device and plonk that in your car to make it to connect to that instead of local cell towers?

    cc [email protected]

    [email protected]

    edit: whoa, I just looked at the prices of them. Surely there's something a clever Trevor could put together here.....

    edit II: As someone else mentioned, Femtocells.

    I've always wondered about buying one years ago but they seem like a rarity here these days. Also, manipulating that data / telemetry to show you in Antarctica has got to be on someone's fun list?

  • [Meta] Could we have a monthly "Pick an Android for me" pinned thread?
  • So, I just had a gander myself and this is pretty involved

    Maybe there's some existing thing I'm missing but it would be cool :/

  • Android still doesn't support many compression types
  • Yeah no doubt, and that's why I like Tailscale.

    I just map all users Tailnet visitors to guest, and give me r/w and all others r/o.

    Bugs me though that they could include it, with big red flashy warnings like you get enabling USB debugging.

  • Android still doesn't support many compression types
  • I keep pondering why Android has blobs for CIFS/SMB but not NFS, too.

    Still haven't found a legit reason why.

  • Where should I post a piracy guide?
  • You could call them a literal gem eh?

    .....I'll see myself out

  • Realme Spain claimed all of their Realme GT6 stock got stolen, right before launch


    Newpipe and using a VPN [YouTube] Can't play any video - "Sign in to confirm that you're not a bot" · Issue #11139 · TeamNewPipe/NewPipe

    Checklist I am able to reproduce the bug with the latest version given here: CLICK THIS LINK. I made sure that there are no existing issues - open or closed - which I could contribute my informatio...

    [YouTube] Can't play any video - "Sign in to confirm that you're not a bot" · Issue #11139 · TeamNewPipe/NewPipe

    I seem to be suffering from the above bug

    but it only seems to pervade if I'm using Tailscale to VPN home to my exit node at a family members house?

    Is Google / YT blocking the use of VPN's here / anyone else experiencing this?

    4 Bradford stabbing: Victim named as Kulsuma Akter as hunt for Habibur Masum continues

    Kulsuma Akter, from Oldham, was stabbed to death while pushing her baby in a pram, police say.

    Bradford stabbing: Victim named as Kulsuma Akter as hunt for Habibur Masum continues

    update caught in Buckinghamshire


    Loveland vs Darlene Lewis - Let The Music Lift You Up - TOTP - 1994

    Another of the old classics that I'd never seen from TOTP


    Apple to Wind Down Electric Car Effort After Decadelong Odyssey


    Friday Night Posse - Right and Exact Nation

    One of my most favourite mashups from Harry Hard and the FNP crew.


    Boost for Lemmy is now live Boost for Lemmy - Apps on Google Play

    Discover and join communities on Lemmy and the Fediverse

    Boost for Lemmy - Apps on Google Play

    Missing Prisoner Daniel Khalife arrested by police in Chiswick, West London Daniel Khalife arrested by police in Chiswick, west London - BBC News

    He is detained by officers in Chiswick, west London, just before 11:00 BST on Saturday, Scotland Yard confirms.

    Daniel Khalife arrested by police in Chiswick, west London - BBC News
    9 Block YouTube Ads on AppleTV by Decrypting and Stripping Ads from Profobuf

    Apple TV and iOS YouTube ads are not blocked by Pi-hole, so I researched this and discovered a flaw in Protobuf that allows me to restrict YouTube ads.


    HOLO YOLO, Toshiba.

    Petition to make a wiki page to make a Approved Wiki page of Approved Printers?

    Tech EDC ladfrombrad 🇬🇧

    My EDC


    Reddit is removing years of chats and messages Reddit is removing years of chats and messages | Engadget

    Reddit has removed years of chat and message logs, but there may be a way to recover some of that data..

    Reddit is removing years of chats and messages | Engadget

    Bro, I heard you like monitoring your monitoring charger

    Also, Praise DuARTe.

    5 Inside Reddit's path to an IPO, where employees see 'thrash' from constant pivots and say more managers may leave amid a flattening

    As Reddit moves toward an IPO, employees describe dysfunction internally. A year of growing pains might hinder the company's next step.


    Focusing on next-generation portable charging and power supply services.Its products are sold through channels in over 100 countries and regions worldwide. Its core team are also responsible for ZMI operation for 10 years and have a reputation for high-quality products with over 100 million units po...