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Please, I'm new here: Is this normal?
  • Eh... so for anywone wondering a copy of the post can still be seen here...[email protected]/t/1039317/My-encouragement-to-the-others

  • 🟰 Apologies if not boring enough
  • On its defense it has seen me doing math.

  • Firefox to collect your (anonymized) search data
  • They should have put more emphasis on the possible usages for what they find out...

  • What's your most unpopular opinion about music ?
  • I just don't listen to Ska because never feels like the time. But whenever I've heard it I've actually liked it.

  • Responsive Design Go Brrrr
  • Someone:

    html, body { max-width: 640px !important; }

  • US campus protests give Trump a target for his violent rhetoric of vengeance
  • Meh? If he doesn't twist this he will do it with something else.

  • Anon has a realization
  • Uhm... Fuck.

  • got him
  • You mean you are early-returning to windows, uh? You can't do that by your own rules.

  • Account required to use dark mode in 2024.
  • I've seen this in many places. I don't remember them because I stop caring when I notice the cut of their jib.

  • Reddit if full of bots: thread reposted exactly the same, comment by comment, 10 months later
  • Basically replaying a thread to make it look like there's activity in the sub.

  • Coffee consumption in Europe
  • Do they have coffee taps up there?

  • The Supreme Court majority sounds sold on Trump's Big Lie
  • Against the "I don't take responsibility at all."

  • American Airlines keeps mistaking 101-year-old passenger for baby
  • If I recall correctly it she wouldn't be allowed to play with Legos either. But I think reaching 104 years old she could take advantage of this glitch to be able to play again.

  • Windows 11 will record all of your activity 24/7
  • I'm told that much of this experience is rendered on-device and does not reach out to the cloud to process information.

    So far. Gotta boil the frog slowly.

  • What race am I a part of? The human race.
  • Depends a bit on how each sees the image? Uniting in a more general way would mean less friction to resolve other problems by having less internal fights.

  • Windows 11 will reportedly display a watermark if your PC does not support AI requirements
  • I got a new computer to replace the old windows 10. But the new toy won't see windows.

  • Dark mode gets resetted on update

    I've tried to use notepad++ enabling dark mode in the settings. But everytime I update the setting gets resetted.

    It could have something to do with using it as using as portable and updating by uncompressing the new version over the old one.

    Has anyone had more luck than me with the dark mode setting?

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