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Donald Trump offers supporters $299 assassination attempt-themed sneakers
  • the $299 white shoes were emblazoned with the US flag, an image of Trump with fist raised and face bloodied and the words “Fight Fight Fight” – his instant reaction to being shot.

    I saw the video. His instant reaction was "let me get my shoes" not "fight fight fight".

  • Ah, the classics.
  • I'll probably catch some heat for this but Creed and Nickelback are both pretty solid bands. I wouldn't call either my favorite by any means but it is my firm opinion that the hate they've gotten over the years is more of a viral opinion than any legitimate criticism.

    While we're on the subject, listen to Alterbridge if you haven't heard them. It's Creed with Myles Kennedy as a front man, who is an amazing singer.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • Clearly we disagree about how to evaluate comedy, which is perfectly fine, but I think we're running into a wall at this point. I think most of what you're saying is reasonable, we just have different perspectives. I think this quote highlights that best:

    It's not his lived experience, so what could he possibly have to add as an insightful observation?

    I don't think you need to experience something firsthand to make jokes about it. I also don't think comedy needs to involve insightful observations. That might be the kind of thing you find to be the most funny but that doesn't make it a rule that needs to be followed at all times. Something you find unfunny, or even offensive, can be a genuine attempt at making people laugh. The fact that you find it offensive doesn't necessarily mean they've done something wrong. In many cases it just means that you don't like that style of comedy. A comedian telling a joke during a comedy show is not the same as a politician or other public figure justifying a bigoted statement by calling it a joke. Choosing to interpret comments that are clearly and obviously presented as jokes as some sort of expression of a deeply held belief does not seem like a logical approach to me.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • "Kyle does not wish Trump harm" and "Dave is transphobic" are both judgments that you've made. You're entitled to hold those opinions but it is important to recognize that you've used the same kind of evidence (jokes they made) to reach opposite conclusions about the two men. You dismissed one as a joke that does not reflect the character of the speaker and used the other as indisputable evidence of a character flaw.

    The fact that these conclusions line up with your own political beliefs is absolutely relevant because it helps you understand why you are doing it. It's probably subconscious but you're viewing the world through a distorted lens when you make inconsistent value judgments like this. Correcting those distortions and becoming more consistent is part of what it means to mature as a human being.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • OK, let's assume for the sake of the argument that everything you just said is 100% correct. Why aren't you also saying Dave Chapelle is a pedophile, or a racist, or a homophobe? Children, racial minorities, and gay men are all other groups he made jokes about and they all fit your criteria of "people at danger in our society".

    The fact that transphobic is the only descriptor I hear about that show suggests to me that this is not really the criteria you're using to evaluate the situation, it's merely convenient cover to give when pressed that will pacify most people. At minimum it means you're giving those other comments a pass as jokes and choosing not to do so with his trans jokes and that is absolutely inconsistent no matter how you try and spin it.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • You say that like "no punching down" is an unbreakable rule of comedy. Maybe in your opinion it should be but I don't think that's ever been true in reality, certainly not for big name comedians as a collective.

    Besides, that's only your interpretation of the situation and it requires that you assume Dave actually believes everything he says in his comedy shows which is demonstrably untrue for other subject matter he covers. You don't assume he rapes kids even though he made a joke in that same special where that was the premise. Without that assumption there is no controversy so maybe we should stop assuming the worst about people's intentions. That way we don't have to concern ourselves with pointless conjecture.

    Don't get me wrong, I didn't think much of his trans material was very funny, but that doesn't mean I have to jump to the conclusion that he's a piece of shit like the internet wants me to. He's a comedian with an incendiary style which makes it quite literally his job to say stuff like that.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • I get what you're saying. I've got a similar background and it sounds like we have a lot in common in terms of perspective as well.

    You're right, consistency is clearly not important to the more conservative among us. That ship sailed long ago. However, that's one of the things that I strive to be as much as possible. If one of my beliefs can't be defended in all circumstances then I do my best to let it go, or at least recognize the fact that it's situational and therefore not deserving of being presented as unassailable. The subject at hand is pretty inconsequential, all things considered, but I feel pretty confident in making the blanket statement that all jokes should be interpreted as such and not subject to the same scrutiny that the same statement would warrant in a different context.

    Of course there are still such things as jokes in poor taste, racist jokes, mean jokes, etc. but at the end of the day a joke is what they are. It's not a life motto or a campaign slogan it's just something that's supposed to make people laugh. Whether or not they accomplish that goal is largely irrelevant as long as that was the primary intent of the person who said it.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • I think your interpretation of the two situations has more to do with your political leanings than the content itself. At a basic level they are both comments made by people who get paid to make others laugh. You can assign motives to either of them that would make them more or less palatable to specific people, and it seems like you've chosen your path in that regard, but I don't think it makes sense to spin one in a negative way and dismiss the other as a harmless joke. In my opinion they're either both harmless or both intolerable. Anything less is just projection in one form or another.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • Is this the same angle you took when reacting to Dave Chapelle's recent controversies? For the record, I agree with you, I just don't see a lot of consistency on either side when it comes to stuff like this. Jokes are one issue where "both sides are the same" isn't too far off. People in general pick and choose what they're offended by and can't easily follow their own advice to let it go when the subject matter touches one of their pet issues.

  • Political Violence Makes The Task Of Stopping Trump And Fascism Much Harder
  • 400 feet is pretty far (yards is 3 times farther but I don't recall which unit of measure they were using). Getting close enough to hit his ear with that weapon, at that distance, and under that kind of pressure is a pretty good shot in my book. I know that isn't exactly what you were getting at but still, the situation is pretty interesting from a ballistics perspective.

  • Elon Musk calls for “criminal prosecution” of X ad boycott perpetrators
  • So the argument is that by encouraging its members to stop advertising on Twitter this organization has deprived the market of conservative content and viewpoints which violates both antitrust and first amendment protections. I feel like that's going to be a tough sell considering Elon told advertisers concerned about his takeover of Twitter to go fuck themselves and he didn't need their money.

  • Homeowners associations in Michigan now have to allow rooftop solar
  • But solar panels, especially owned panels, only add to the value of the house. If anything that makes it harder for "the poors" to afford living in the neighborhood. Obviously that's not my rationale for supporting green energy but I say it to illustrate that even their own weird and insular logic should encourage solar adoption.

  • Filter by community default language

    Can we add the option to exclude communities and/or posts that are in a different language than our chosen default? I'm guessing filtering communities would be easier than individual posts but I'm not sure how language would be flagged. I understand some people may want to see some of these posts but even multilingual people must be bombarded with posts in languages they don't speak. I'm getting pretty annoyed that half of my feed is stuff I can't read.

    I've looked through the settings multiple times but I suppose it's still possible this already exists and I just missed it.