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Union warnings after Starmer says he won't grant above-inflation pay rises
  • The pcs (civil servant) union agreed a 10% pay demand this year. Sir Keith might get lucky with something like a 5% deal this year on good faith alone, but next year will be brutal if he thinks he can keep that up.

  • The Tories have lost. Now which voters should they chase?
  • Westminster journalists can't see politics as anything other than a team sport. It's not about democracy, ideas, or doing what's right for the people of Britain. It's just tactics and strategies to win the match.

  • Wes Streeting announces independent probe into performance of NHS
  • An independent review is about to find out the the NHS should be privatised...

    progress has been made in some areas, such as cataract surgery

    That's because cataract surgery is quick and easy and has few complications. The private sector hoovers them all up, and consequently their stats look amazing relative to the difficult stuff the NHS is left with.

  • There are big warning signs behind Labour's historic UK win
  • Gosh, I wonder why Starmer was able to campaign more effectively than Corbyn...

    Believing that their favoured MPs were about to lose their jobs, HQ staff launched an unprecedented covert operation to divert funds from pro-Corbyn candidates in winnable Tory seats to defending the seats of anti-Corbyn MPs. A code used to record spending on “generic campaign materials” was used to spend extra money on “key seats” decided by a group in Ergon House – an overspill office for HQ staff. The report finds that these seats were chosen on a factional basis: anti-Corbyn MPs were helped out.

  • Result of yesterday's general election in UK
  • Lib Dems are soft left, neoliberals with a smattering of "maybe racism is bad, maybe welfare is ok".

    The Tories and Labour have both shifted far, far to the right. Both are opposed to immigration, tax rises, workers rights, trans rights. Tories took it further with the Rwanda plan, which Labour opposed but did not promise to do anything about.

  • UK General Election voting megathread
  • I'm flipping between C4 and BBC. I don't understand why they have so many Tories on the panel? Dories, Karting, Stewart and Zahawi? They've only got two labour people and Vince cable has been relegated to the children's table?