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  • Just explaining that the limitations of Gödel's theorems are mostly formal in nature. If they are applicable, the more likely case of incompleteness (as opposed to inconsistency) is not really a problem.

  • Geometry
  • Dunno what you're trying to say. Yes, if ZFC is inconsistent it would be an issue, but in the unlikely event this is discovered, it would be overwhelmingly probable that a similar set of axioms could be used in a way which is transparent to the vast majority of mathematics. Incompleteness is more likely and less of an issue.

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  • It's extremely unlikely given the pathological nature of all known unprovable statements. And those are useless, even to mathematicians.

  • Geometry
  • Nobody is practically concerned with the "incompleteness" aspect of Gödel's theorems. The unprovable statements are so pathological/contrived that it doesn't appear to suggest any practical statement might be unprovable. Consistency is obviously more important. Sufficiently weak systems may also not be limited by the incompleteness theorems, i.e. they can be proved both complete and consistent.

  • Stop to look rule
  • That's the "naughty" guy from Courage the Cowardly Dog

  • Redstoner be like
  • It would be, since assembly is written for a machine that already exists. In Minecraft you have to build the machine and create your own assembly first. It doesn't have to be a complex architecture though.

  • It's Wednesday, my dudes.
  • Yes. A matrix is unitary if the conjugate transpose (conjugate as in "complex conjugate") is equal to its inverse.

  • Microsoft to Copyright Pi, Found to Contain Entire Arial Font
  • Still not enough, or at least pi is not known to have this property. You need the number to be "normal" (or a slightly weaker property) which turns out to be hard to prove about most numbers.

  • OpenAI reportedly nears breakthrough with “reasoning” AI, reveals progress framework
  • It sounds like you don't understand the complexity of the game. Despite being finite, the number of possible games is extremely large.

  • asdf
  • These things are specifically not defined by the protocol. They could be. They're not, by design.

  • asdf
  • It doesn't, it just delegates the responsibility to something else, namely xdg-desktop-portal and/or your compositor. The main issue with global hotkeys is that applications can't usually set them, e.g. Discord push-to-talk, rather the compositor has to set them and the application needs to communicate with the compositor. This is fundamentally different from how it worked with X11 so naturally adoption is slow.

  • Probability rule
  • That's correct.

  • Probability rule
  • It's not correct, and your knowledge of the answers has nothing to do with my explanation.

  • Probability rule
  • None of the answers are correct. If the answer were 25%, then it couldn't be 25% because there's a 50% chance of picking it at random, which contradicts our supposition. Similarly the answer cannot be 50% because there's a 25% chance of picking it. The answer isn't 60% because there isn't a 60% chance of picking it.

  • Probability rule
  • Which is wrong, because you incorrectly assumed there was one correct answer

  • The Death of Decentralized Email
  • Bitcoin is more widely seen as a vehicle for speculation rather than a decentralized currency. Unlucky.

  • Always try sudo
  • Okay, but this makes more sense as an instance method rather than a static one

  • Always try sudo
  • Instance properties are PascalCase.

  • Always try sudo
  • Yeah, properties (like a field but with a getter and/or setter method, may or may not be backed by a field) are PascalCase