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  • I've driven a manual once - in a parking lot. Most of my driving has been in an automatic. I agree with this. I should have to press the "go" pedal to go, not just release the "stop" pedal. Thankfully, I now have an EV where I can choose to have it stop when I release the "go" pedal and not go again until I press the "go" pedal.

  • Boost for Reddit is working again?
  • The issue was never that it'd stop working completely. Instead, the API would limit the app once a certain number of requests happened, and charge for more. Since a lot of people use the app, there's a lot of requests, and it stops working quickly unless the developer pays.

    Now that the app has been pulled from the market and it broke for everyone, it sees very little use. The limit doesn't get hit, and the app works. But if everyone starts using it again, it'll break again.

    Edit: Just for kicks, I downloaded it from apkmirror and tried it. I very quickly got the 429 error when the API key has hit the limit.

  • 'whites only' job posting
  • Yeah, but they always ask about "citizenship or ability to legally work in the US" on applications. If it was a white person, they wouldn't have said anything. If the candidate were white, and they answered "no" on the form, they would've just not been moved forward in the hiring process. They wouldn't have gotten to that point and still been asked.

  • I need to wake up early
  • I use that combination of hardware and Sleep as Android so it starts with just the watch (no noise in the beginning) then escalates to nose and requires me to scan a QR code in the kitchen to fully dismiss.

  • Shots fired at Toronto Jewish girls school, police investigating
  • What was the motivation? It's easy to say "antisemitism" but like if that was the case - why here instead of a synagogue? And why did they put in minimum effort, accomplish nothing, and quit? It doesn't make sense.

  • API returning incorrect information for community list?

    So, I noticed something interesting while writing and testing a script.

    The intent of the script is to connect to the API of your home instance, then list all of the communities for all instances that the home instance is federated with, sorted by number of subscribers.

    The API endpoint to do this is "/api/v3/community/list"

    My understanding is as follows:

    • The argument "sort=TopAll" indicates that it should sort by number of subscribers
    • The argument "type=All" indicates that it should show communities from the local instance and all federated instances.
    • The argument "limit" indicates how many results to return (up to 50)
    • The argument "page" indicates which page of "limit" items to return

    So I should get more or less the same results if I run the same request against or So I ran these two requests:



    With the first one, I get a mix mostly of,, and communities. That's what I'd expect. However, with the second, it's all communities.

    So, like, what's the deal?


    Edit 2023-06-14T16:03Z

    Seems something similar when I request for the endpoint on The first page is a mix of and results, but no other instances.


    Edit 2023-06-14T16:12Z

    It's like they're all different and all seem to favor their home instance? Some more than others, though.

    • is pretty well balanced.
    • is all
    • is mostly and
    • is mostly and, with some mixed in
    • is mostly,, and a little

    AAD Admin portal trouble?

    Just started for me. (specifically user list atm) is loading slowly or not at all.

    Anyone else or just me?