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Making a Comic with Consistent Characters Without LoRA Training | Civitai
  • So the way I used to get consistent characters was using a mix of:

    img2img (denoise: 0.7) with the same model posed into the position desired.

    Then using a weighted down character lora and a weighted down celeb name, to help give a consistent base.

    And finally a prompt with all the same details each time. (Well apart from changing expressions in the prompt each time.)

    Wait. So the way to get consistent characters without LoRA training is to use a LoRA?

  • Satanic Temple gets ready to send chaplains into Florida schools
  • They really want a clear separation of church and state.

    Normally, when these kinds of laws or rules are created, it is with the intention to be solely utilized by the Christian faith.

    While the same approach could be done with Judiasm or Islam, invoking Satanism is a much clearer signal for Christians. "Why is the school promoting Satan?" becomes a leading question to start the discussion that maybe government shouldn't advocate or promote any religion.

  • Must win
  • It's tolerated because he's literally the best player in his position in the entire world (and one of the best in the history of the entire sport). What are the going to do? Get rid of him?

    If you're not one of the best, the behavior is not tolerated as much.

  • Democrats Vote Down Trans Refuge Bill In Maine After Right-Wing Attacks
  • Well voting in the general election is binary. There are no other choices than Republican or Democrat. You have to choose between those two or it's effectively the same as not voting.

    So it's not just this time. It's every time because of how the electoral system in America works.