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"Bleach blonde, bad built butch body"
  • Such alliteration. I'm in awe. Like 6 B words in a row and not one of them is bitch.


  • What's your favorite budget "little treat"?
  • Here you go. :) Let me know if you give it a whirl!

  • What's your favorite budget "little treat"?
  • Here's a decent one. I was pretty close. :D

    I would tend to do 400 / 100 brown to white, no wheatgerm as I said but I do like it it a bit more dense. Higher white flour ratio will have it slightly less dense so up to yourself. It's technically possible to do with normal milk and baking powder (instead of buttermilk / baking soda) but I would always go with the buttermilk and soda myself.

    I also frequently use that recipe and just roll it out and cut scones out of it with a glass or large cutter. They cook faster for hungry kids and have more crust (which I like).

    Interested to hear if you do give it a whirl. :)

    edit: I had a quick look at your post history and see you're vegan. Baking powder (probably 2tsp I imagine for the acid + base instead of 1 for just the base when using baking soda) with oatmilk I would imagine would be totally fine. I'm not sure if there are any acidic vegan milks that would be the equivalent of the buttermilk?

    In a pinch I have used cows milk, baking soda and a small amount of vinegar or even lemon juice in the milk for raising. Good luck!

  • What's your favorite budget "little treat"?
  • Hahaha. In a short space I've had two folks asking for it.

    It honestly couldn't be simpler. I did reply to the other request with the basics and will get back to you both in the morning as it's 2am here. :)

  • What's your favorite budget "little treat"?
  • I'm gonna get you the proper measurements etc. tomorrow because it's very late here but the ingredients are:

    400g wholemeal flour

    White plain flour, seived (my own preference is about 1/4 but you let your mouth decide from experience)

    Baking soda

    Pinch of salt

    Buttermilk until it's fairly mushy

    Honestly you just lump it all together. Make a circular mound out of it. Criss cross with a knife and lob it in the oven on a floured baking tray at 180C for fan.

    I'll get you a proper recipe in the morning or poke me if I forget. It's hard to do wrong and I'm not a good baker.

  • Richard P Feynman on “Why are we here?”
  • Oh thank you. Feynman's up there with Sagan for me as an easy listen that brings insight and joy.

    Currently working my way through Cosmos again (the book). I genuinely marvel at these minds that have such deep, deep insight and understanding yet manage to convey it with such ease.

    edit: I am 4 minutes in and smiling. What an incredible mind.

    edit 2: I'm at the magnets section and just realised I've seen this before a very long time ago. Long enough ago to be fortunate enough to not remember most of it and get the joy a second time.

  • What's your favorite budget "little treat"?
  • Brown soda bread made with buttermilk, still warm from the oven with butter and good cheddar. So comforting. It's like tasting my childhood again.

  • What's your favorite budget "little treat"?
  • Huge orange fan also. Incredible fruit. Nom nom nom nom nom.

  • The first photos of the damage at the Belbek Airfield.
  • S400 successfully intercepted, comrade.

  • Biden says he’s accepted an invitation from CNN to debate Trump on June 27
  • I would honestly pony up money to see that.

  • who's tried it? what does it taste like?
  • Wash your mouth out with radioactive waste you dirty Philistine.

    Shandy is fine on a hot summer day if you have to drive. Pleasant, even.

    That drink is the greatest assault on the Irish nation since bloody Sunday.

  • NSFW
    Is it morally wrong for a 18 year-old man to have sex with a 48-year-old woman
  • The 16 year old isn't capable of consent. They're a child despite probably thinking they're not and believing themselves capable of consenting.

    The maturity gap between 16 and 21 is a chasm.

  • who's tried it? what does it taste like?
  • It tastes like blood because you're going to get punched in your potty mouth for ordering it.

  • The Ukrainian General Staff reports that another Su-25 was shot down in the Donetsk region.
  • 31 confirmed SU-25's up on Oryx now. Phenomenal work in fairness.

    edit: Apparently estimate was 134 before the start of the war so 23% of their total so far. That's some loss rate.

  • I guess he moved.
  • Impressive. That's a good one.

  • I guess he moved.
  • There is a history here of ridiculous things getting delivered so if that had made it to Ireland I'd say the postie would have done the business.

    There was a lad a few years back that sent increasingly obscure addresses to see what would get delivered and documented it for fun. He called it "Me V's An Post".

    One included a flippin' jigsaw for the address (which was delivered). Here are some more details on his escapades.

    Edit: Here's the original blog. Looks like he was still playing games in 2020.

    Here's another one that did make it's way to the intended recipient:

  • Dads khannie
    Life is good
    11 US House Speaker promises to unblock aid to Ukraine but with significant changes

    Mike Johnson, Speaker of the House of Representatives, spoke with Republican senators on Wednesday, saying that the House will prepare its draft to support Ukraine, but in a significantly different form than the one already approved by the Senate.

    US House Speaker promises to unblock aid to Ukraine but with significant changes

    > Senator Kevin Cramer also said that Mike Johnson clearly expressed his intention to help Ukraine. > > "He was pretty clear about it,"

    Sounds positive.

    Ukrainian children in warm embrace of west Clare

    A nice story for a bit of a change. This one's about kids from Ukraine who have settled in the West of Ireland. They seem very happy in the video.

    Spotted in Dublin today. Happy Valentine's, Paul!

    Looks like Paul is in the "Find Out" stage. Apologies for the potato quality.

    Edit: just for clarity, not spotted by me. My best friend sent me this

    Minefield breaching for victory in Ukraine (English subs)

    This Swedish lad does incredible work demining and teaching over in Ukraine. Definitely worth a subscribe.

    Ukraine downs three SU-34's Ukrainian Air Force Takes Down Three Russian Su-34s, Patriot Potentially Engaged

    Without disclosing details, the Air Force commander claimed kills on three Su-34s in response to Russia’s overnight “Shahed” attack. The downed jets are platforms for Kh-59 missiles and guided bombs.

    Ukrainian Air Force Takes Down Three Russian Su-34s, Patriot Potentially Engaged

    Details are fairly scant at this point but the head of Ukraine's air force has confirmed it on telegram.

    Total value of that is > $120M USD. Nom nom nom.

    Aliens 4K released for streaming

    Seems to be on Vudu (for sure) and some other streaming services for $20 USD. Seems to be region restricted to US, UK and Canada.

    Think I'll hold off for the Bluray myself. Any of you seen it yet? What's the quality like?


    Love this lady's channel. Nice video where she interviews volunteers who build FPV's.

    "20 days in Mariupol" now on YouTube

    Incredible documentary. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.

    Currently limited to US on YT but this link works for those outside the US at 720p.

    I'm also happy to give free VPN for a few days to anyone outside the US who wants to watch in > 720p, just drop me a PM (I work for a VPN company).

    "20 Days in Mariupol" online screening 20 DAYS IN MARIUPOL - DOC NYC

    Ukrainian journalist Mstyslav Chernov arrives at the strategically key city of Mariupol, Ukraine just as Russian forces begin assaulting the city on the


    I've wanted to see this documentary since I first heard about it but it has only been done in select screenings.

    You can stream it here from November 10th to 26th.

    $13 USD for a ticket.

    Trailer here.

    IMDB link.

    It's very old but if I ever get a tattoo, this will be it

    As I age, the number of fucks I have to give is declining towards zero

    I'd love to hear your no fucks stories if you have some

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