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The Offspring, The Beastie Boys, Van Halen w/DLR, and the B52s. Are there other bands that rock, but are often silly/goofy and funny?
  • Does Weird Al count? Because he is just as talented as any "serious" musician.

    Also, The Presidents of the United States of America.

  • Mods, what tips or etiquette do you recommend for reporting?
  • Tangentially related: if you see something that needs to be addressed now, like CSAM or gore, notify an instance admin via Matrix. That tool can send push notifications, so you're more likely to get a prompt response. Some instances also have public Matrix chats you can use.

    You can find the Matrix account info for Lemmy users by clicking the "Send Secure Message" button in a user's profile.

  • Skepticism
  • You can dance if you want to.

  • [Meta] What do you think of migrating to c/[email protected]?

    What do the users in this community think about possibly migrating over to [email protected] and locking this community? While there's nothing wrong with having multiple communities for a topic, I feel like a consolidated community would be more fun and possibly get more overall engagement. And [email protected] is clearly the quieter of the two based on the number of posts and active users.

    I'm curious to hear your opinions!

    Did the premise of an entity approaching you only when it's not being viewed originate with Doctor Who's Weeping Angels?
  • The ghosts in Super Mario Brothers 3 (1988) would pursue Mario only when he looked away. When he faced them they would stop and hide their faces.

  • What would you ask to a potential partner in a partner compatibility survey?
  • You have a free weekend with no plans or obligations. What do you do with that free time?

  • Boy Scouts of America rebranding to more inclusive Scouting America
  • I think two issues have caused them to take baby steps here.
    First, there was a big lawsuit between the Girl Scout of America and the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts wanted to open up to girls, and the Girl Scouts felt like their turf was being threatened. That took years to resolve.
    Second, scouting has deep personal ties for some folks. People can get irrationally emotional about changes to the program, as if there's some sacred tradition at stake.

  • A Scandinavian Specialty
  • In the northeast US we have something similar called Adirondack shelters. The fire pit is outside the shelter, though. As usual, the Scandinavian version is better.

  • Where do the rural homeless near you live?
  • Mostly in cars. The people that are marginally better-off have old RVs. The people who can't afford wheels will hide a tent in the bushes. Vehicle or not, everyone seeks out similar places where they are unlikely to be noticed or hassled: lightly-used dirt roads on public land, parking areas at trailheads, closed campgrounds, behind abandoned businesses on the edge of town, etc.

  • Yet another post I made for GunMemes - India and China have trash service rifles
  • As much as I wish I could try an F2000 or AUG, I have no credible first-hand experience and can only parrot complaints that I have read on the Internet:

    Ambidextrous use is more difficult when the ejection port is next to the shooter's face. It's not ideal for all your left-handed soldiers to have their weapons setup differently from all your right-handed soldiers. A workaround like the forward ejection on the F2000 is technically impressive, but complex.

    All the controls - trigger, safety, bolt release, magazine release - are either operated by longer/more complex mechanisms or are tucked under the shooter's chin, farther away from the normal hand positions.

    Putting the chamber close to the shooter's ear is nobody's idea of fun.

  • Find & replace
  • This reminds me of the tech bros from Three Panel Soul.

    A subway sign advertises a tech startup: "Uber but for cats." Fashionable tech entrepreneurs meet, and the sign is then changed to read: "Cats on the block chain."

    Fashionable tech entrepreneurs meet again, and the sign is again changed to read: "AI Cats."

  • Rule
  • Good ol' Shitpost Calligrapher!

  • Dead people roundup
  • I really like these roundups. Thanks for doing this.

  • Collections: This. Isn’t. Sparta. Collections: This. Isn’t. Sparta. Part I: Spartan School

    This is Part I of a seven part series (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, Gloss., Retrospective) comparing the popular legacy of Sparta (embodied in films like 300) with the historical ancient state. Toda…

    Collections: This.  Isn’t.  Sparta.  Part I: Spartan School

    This is a 7-part series of blog posts, written by a history professor, contrasting the realities of ancient Sparta with it's depictions in popular culture.

    Hypothetical Situations on Fediverse kersploosh
    You have the power to resurrect one comic strip from the past. Which one do you choose, and why?

    The new medium for the strip is up to you: newspaper, book series, online, etc. You want Dream of the Rarebit Fiend on Tumblr? Sure, the universe grants your wish.

    Hypothetical Situations on Fediverse kersploosh
    You won the lottery, but the payout is 5000 Icelandic krona. What will you do with your prize?
    Bug: Save Post icon seems broken

    The Save Post icon (circled in the image) seems to only remove posts from my saved list, not add them. To save a post I have to use the contextual menu in the bottom right corner of the screen.

    5 Animation: The World's Biggest Wind Turbines

    The biggest wind turbines can reach over 200 meters and cost more than $12 million to manufacture and install.

    Animation: The World's Biggest Wind Turbines

    !An animation of the world's largest wind turbines

    This is the second of two wind turbine posts inspired by this recent good news:

    0 Wind Turbines: the Bigger, the Better

    Since the early 2000s, wind turbines have grown in size—in both height and blade lengths—and generate more energy. What’s driving this growth? Let’s take a closer look.

    !A graphic comparing the size of various wind turbines

    This is the first of two wind turbine posts inspired by this recent good news:

    0 Court upholds town bylaw banning anyone born in 21st century from buying tobacco products

    A Massachusetts town that adopted an unusual ordinance banning the sale of tobacco to anyone born in the 21st century is being looked at as a possible model for other cities and towns hoping to further clamp down on cigarettes and other tobacco products.

    Court upholds town bylaw banning anyone born in 21st century from buying tobacco products
    Dam Removal on the Klamath River (January 2024 updates) Dam Removal on the Klamath River —

    “We are about to witness healing on a major scale. Dam removal is the best way to bring a river back to life. The Klamath is significant not only because it is the biggest dam removal and river restoration effort in history, but because it shows that we can right historic wrongs and make big, […]

    Dam Removal on the Klamath River —

    American Rivers has some new (as of a month ago) videos of the Copco 1 and J.C. Boyle dams being breached. I'm really excited to see how the Klamath river responds to these dams being removed.

    Copco 1:

    J.C. Boyle:

    Also, someone made a post-breach video of the river with their drone:

    (Sorry for not including alternate Piped links. That site isn't working for me right now for some reason.)

    2 A bridge too far? Messina Strait project could finally join Sicily to the mainland

    A plan for the world’s longest suspension bridge is gathering steam in Italy. Experts explain how the structure could withstand strong winds and earthquakes.

    A bridge too far? Messina Strait project could finally join Sicily to the mainland
    NTSB determined the probable cause for the Fern Hollow Bridge collapse

    >​We determine​d that the probable cause of the collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was the failure of the transverse tie plate on the southwest leg of the bridge, a fracture-critical member (nonredundant steel tension member), due to corrosion and section loss resulting from the City of Pittsburgh’s failure to act on repeated maintenance and repair recommendations from inspection reports. Contributing to the collapse were the poor quality of inspections, the incomplete identification of the bridge’s fracture-critical members (nonredundant steel tension members), and the incorrect load rating calculations for the bridge. Also contributing to the collapse was insufficient oversight by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation of the City of Pittsburgh’s bridge inspection program.

    The full NTSB summary is here, along with links to more pictures and their full board meeting summary:

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