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An eclectic #nerdy #weirdo.

In addition to tech, #Linux, and other things #FLOSS, I'm also into #travel, jam bands (mostly Grateful Dead), music festivals, and anything related to exploring the #cosmos.

All puns are intended.

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Fedora 42 Change Proposal Wants To Make KDE Plasma The Default Over GNOME
  • I totally get why this is being put forth. Watch Brodie's videos on the Wayland portals (after binging on LUS, of course ;-) ), and notice which DE is more actively helpful in making the portals better...I guarantee you it doesn't start with a "G." They actually mention this in the change proposal, and I doubt that Red Hat is blind to this difference.

    It'll be interesting to see how this plays-out.

  • With what fictional character you identify with?
  • A bit obscure, but Jeremy Goodwin on Sports Night (which should've been on for more than two seasons). His mannerisms, difficulty picking-up on non-verbal cues, deep interest on nerdy topics, and lack of confidence in navigating career's (almost) creepy how closely we mirror each other.

  • Meow Wolf
  • I've only been once, and could only handle one section. Definitely want to go again, felt like a "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" experience where I'm in charge of when it wears off. lol

  • "Stable distro" meaning
  • "Stable" doesn't necessarily refer to "reliable," depending on the context. Stable is often used in reference to how often a distro releases new versions of the applications. Using Audacity as an example, in the current release of the distro, they'll release security & bug fixes for version 2, but if you want version 3, you'll have to wait until the next distro release.

    Upgrades to a new version of an application can introduce new ways of using the app (i.e. icons in different places, how user-created files are written to disk, etc.), which is disruptive to enterprise op's, which is why Debian & RHEL take this approach.

    Hopefully that helps clarify things.

  • ‘Maybe everybody feels socially awkward’: the standups turning being autistic into a comedy superpower
  • Having not read the article (I know, breaking Rule #__ of The Internet ;-P)...

    It doesn't surprise me that some autists are drawn to doing stand-up. Having seen the documentary "Misery Loves Comedy," comedians often use stand-up as a way of processing chronic mental health issues or other forms of divergence.

    I could never do it myself, I have to stim like crazy just to (barely) make it through a phone/video call, without the pressure of actually being funny...not to mention that anytime I say something that I think is funny, I'm often the only person that actually laughs. lol

  • Fellow auties, which do you find is a better and healthier fit for you: dating another autistic person or an NT?
  • You're rolling the dice either way. I can see the relatability being potentially higher with another autist, but there's also the possibility that your stim is their meltdown trigger (or the other way around). Honestly, it's just a matter of finding someone that complements you & appreciates your quirks, regardless of whether they're NT or ND.

  • What are your thoughts on Flatpak/Flathub?
  • I definitely prefer it over Snaps or appimages. Straight-forward to update, and Flatseal provides a nice GUI to control permissions (if needed). Themes may not work properly, but whatever, not a big deal for me.

    The distro's repo is always my go-to. If it's not available there, then flatpak, and I'll use appimage under duress. If that doesn't work, I'll figure out a different solution.

  • What's your favorite note-taking application?
  • I used to use Joplin, I liked that it integrated with my Nextcloud, and the markdown format. However, the way that it handles the markdown files was too black-boxey to me, with the way it split them up in a weird scheme.

    Now I use Ghostwriter with straight markdown files inside my Nextcloud folder. So I still get the syncing functionality, but a more flexible setup that doesn't require a specific app to access all of my notes.

  • Considering Gentoo
  • I say go for it. I've been using it for about 2 years, and I no longer feel like distro-hopping (not sure if you fall into that category of Linux user), because it's not opinionated about how it's meant to be used. It gives you all the tools (and foot-guns) to do whatever you want with your computer.

    You don't need separate computers for a local mirror and/or build server to run Gentoo, I've never done that. I've never owned a Mac, so I can't really offer any tips hardware-wise, but use a live USB of a distro that you're already familiar with, so you can refer to the handbook as you go. The people on Gentoo's IRC channel & forums are very helpful if you come against any roadblocks.

    It does take a while, not gonna gloss over that. Once you have it installed, there are very few issues that would require a full re-install. Portage is an awesome package manager, the language of its warnings/errors took some time to wrap my brain around, but it's very verbose in describing what's going on.

  • I'm creating a curated search engine for web developers. Asking for a feedback
  • I really like the simple design that separates the results into docs/blogs/magazines. Obviously, the results reflect the current state, but I appreciate your approach in both the design & sourcing the search results. I think there's a lot of potential for this to be a regular part of my toolbox, hopefully this takes off!

  • New systemd update will bring Windows’ infamous Blue Screen of Death to Linux
  • Yeah, I totally get that, I have really bad memories myself.

    If it's an ncurses/similar interface that enables keyboard navigation through dmesg/journalctl, and provides info that allows us to properly diagnose it, I can see this being useful.

    But yeah, I'll admit that simply saying "BSOD's are coming to Linux" without additional info about the implementation does bring feelings of dread in me.

  • New systemd update will bring Windows’ infamous Blue Screen of Death to Linux
  • ...and of course, this news is getting mixed reactions from the Linux nerds...

    Back when I used Windows, I remember the BSOD's being about as useful to me as someone pointing in opposite directions saying "he/she/they went that way." So long as the new Linux blue screens provide info that's actually useful in diagnosing the problem(s), I see no issues with this. [shrugs]

  • Reflecting on my Year with the Framework Laptop 13
  • Very nice review, definitely lines-up with my own experience, aside from battery life, but I have their 1st gen laptop (11th gen i5), which was before they started a lot of their battery optimizations.

    I really like the approaches Framework has taken in addressing issues with the hardware & design, and how they communicate about these with the community.

    I ordered the 16" as soon as the pre-order was available, and not constantly checking for updates is an eternal struggle. lol

  • Switching from Linux Mint to OpenSuSE Tumbleweed very soon. Any advice?
  • I second raptir's note about running zypper dup in the terminal to do system updates. Zypper's a bit slow because it lacks parallel downloads, but it provides good info if there are any issues.

    If you plan to use flatpaks, add the flathub repo with the --user option, and use that one to install. If I didn't go that route, it prompted me to enter my password for every flatpak app with an update. I'm also a deplorable Plasma user 😜, I don't know if the same behavior happens with Gnome software, it may be a weird Discover thing (shrugs).

    Also, if you need the non-free multimedia codecs, run the following commands:

    zypper install opi

    opi codecs

    Automates adding the Packman repo & switching the relevant packages.

    Those are the main quirks I learned with Tumbleweed.

  • New email on framework laptop 16 shipping.
  • Well, no plan survives initial implementation, you're always going to encounter new problems & figure out sustainable solutions. Far too often, I've seen companies rush the release to "get something out there" and start the revenue faucet. Then issues crop up that make the device a non-starter for many people, they try fixing it mid-flight, the device flops & the company's made irrelevant.

    I'm saddened that I'll have to wait longer for my 16", but I'm really glad Framework approached it in this way.

  • Unhoused veterans move into tiny home village in Longmont, Colorado
  • This is really nice to see, would like to see more programs like this. There are so many empty lots that just take up space around Denver metro that could fit 4~6 tiny homes. I know, zoning reg's and all that, but still...