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Proud to be a European
  • Portland Oregon

  • Classic
  • Lieutenant Reginald Endicott "Broccoli" Barclay III

  • Sizing pants: men's vs women's
  • +1 for the life hack and restoring some faith in humanity.

  • Children is bugs
  • Man and Wife! Say man and wife!

  • Cat
  • Cat

  • Google Researchers Publish Paper About How AI Is Ruining the Internet
  • A traffic jam when you're already late

  • It's full-time
  • Shout out to all the moms, dads, and babies going through the first year. It gets better!

  • Tetris effect
  • When I finished Tunic I started seeing The Holy Cross everywhere. If you don't know, it's not something religious, well, not really, just play the game 😀

  • Roll for initiative?
  • Need a "it's the same picture" meme. Always goblin

  • In this CD booklet, they forgot to remove some Japanese lyrics.
  • Isn't 'stolen' a bit harsh?

    If kanji were truly stolen, then the Chinese would need to use a simplified...

    Oh no.

  • Soma - Official Artwork
  • Amazing game, what a huge mind-fuck.

    To anyone going in fresh; role play a bit, avoid the monsters as you should. Enjoy the story. Existential horror at its best.

  • xkcd #2942: Fluid Speech
  • Oregonian checking in here.

  • Many of us survived that dark day
  • I need an APC pickup!

  • Many of us survived that dark day
  • We had a LAN Party!

    486 proxy box using RedHat and ipchains sharing dialup Internet for about 8 of us in parents basement.

    Enjoying looking up websites and seeing odd dates like 19100 show up. Nobody died, outside of Starsiege Tribes CTF.

  • Why do posters say that increase in Linux Steam share doesnt count becuase its mostly steam deck users?
  • Year of the Linux Desktop may never be a relevant measure, but it was Steam Deck and Proton that marked the transition for me.

    The deck is awesome because it's Linux

  • Latest stable Steam Deck update fixes a boot game mode issue
  • Similarly, I've noticed paused NMS with weird audio after a pause.

    Maybe it's just me but closing a game is still a habit.

  • 25 May 1987
  • Personal story - Wife: that wooden beam in the Garage looks ugly! Husband: say no more.

    Fast forward a week, the wooden support beam is perfectly polished and oiled. Wife thought he was going to paint it! 😂

    They're still happily married together ... I think.

  • The REAL Story of the Mormon Church

    About: Johnny Harris is an Emmy-winning independent journalist and contributor to the New York Times. Based in Washington, DC, Harris reports on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe, publishing to his audience of over 3.5 million on Youtube. Harris produced and hosted the twice Emmy-nominated series Borders for Vox Media. His visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways.


    What's your next project in Elite?

    I'm currently deciding if I want to make a mamba build, do some Frontline to unlock an engineer, or join the latest gold rush (Don't need the money, but had huge fun back when AXI discord was very active/social with 16+ people in an instance)