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Trump donations to Kamala Harris in 2014
  • Recall that his family and the Clintons, before the 2016 run, used to be very close friends.

    To the point that Bill Clinton and him have both admitted to having a several hours long phone call shortly prior to him running for the GOP primary, but they both "swear politics never came up".

  • TennoLive 2024 Megathread
  • True. Tbh I use Gloom or Aquablades with surging blades depending how I feel on Nyx.

    I have the Nourish on a lot of frames that don't need it just because of Circuit. Generally rely on the pet giving me that. Especially now.

  • TennoLive 2024 Megathread
  • IMO: Xaku has a very good and obvious tank in his 4.

    Caliban is harder to figure out since its built around shield tanking and shield regen, without building for shields like Hildryn. You need to manage his 3 for that tanking to work, and frankly his 1 is just a mean trap.

  • TennoLive 2024 Megathread
  • Nyx, like Caliban, improves exponentially when you replace the weird and out of place ability with a better one, be Gloom, Xata's Whisper, Condemn(for shield tanking) or Nourish.

    For Nyx its her 4, Caliban his 1.

    Caliban's persistent aoe shield/armor stripping field is insane in the right conditions(E.G. Interception, Defense, Mobile Defense.)l

    Nyx gets insane with a magnetic weapon and a Jade Eximus. Take out the overguard, mind control, congrats, you have a pet jade light.

  • NewPipe stopped working?
  • TL;DR from their(newpipe's) reddit:
    Youtube did an update that added an additonal parameter to the calls, allegedly as an anti-bot tactic.

    Because of how it worked, it broke all of the various frontends, but Invidious based access still worked.

  • A Driverless Car in China Hit a Pedestrian. Social Media Users Are Siding With the Car
  • The problem is:
    Define person.

    A normal rational person does have a complex algorithm for stopping in that situation. Trick is that the calculation is subconscious, so we don't think it is complex.

    Hell even just recognizing a human is so complex we have problems with it. It's why we can see faces in inanimate objects, and also why the uncanny valley is a thing.

    I agree that stopping for people is of the utmost importance. Cars exist for transportation, and roads exist to move people, not cars. The problem is that from a software pov, ensuring you can define a person 100% of the time is still a post- doctorate research level issue. Self driving cars are not ready for open use yet, and anyone saying they are is either delusional or lying.