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Is there a way to get unbanned from reddit?
  • Usually when a community bans you it means they don't want you to be there. Could try going somewhere else?

    Could probably also appeal, but personally if I get banned somewhere I just accept it and move on. Better for the ol' mental health.

  • This is relatable
  • Sounds like something I would do, ngl. You see "Vet" on your calendar, having a busy day, and end up swinging by on your way home from work or something.

    Seems like it would take a confluence of stuff going on, but it seems plausible.

  • YSK: StreetComplete app for Android, a way to fill map data in a game like way
  • Oh hey, I think I'm the guy from that post! Lol

    Glad you're enjoying it! I've been having a lot of fun with it too - even if my wife sometimes thinks I'm crazy when I "just quickly run over here" to check the hours for this place, haha.

    My "Global Rank" is a bit over 5000, but I'm not sure if that's the same number as you're looking at, given the range. 400th in Canada, though!

  • what Lemmy communities don't exist but you wish they did?
  • Honestly I wish there were less communities. I've said this before, but people treat Lemmy like late-stage Reddit, expecting niche communities for everything, and we end up with hundreds of communities with no (or one, if we're lucky) active members.

    This problem is then amplified by the fact that these niche communities are split even further across several instances, so our userbase ends up completely dissipated.

    I would love to see users focus on a smaller number of more general-purpose communities. Of course, these should still be shared across instances, but I think we would benefit a lot from having, say, a "video games" community instead of 500 specific game communities.

    As a side note as well, I don't think we shouldn't be "allowed" to create more niche communities (though if an instance admin wanted to regulate, that's their call). I think this should be more of a user culture shift, if anything.

  • sometimes means every time
  • If it helps, and if you haven't already, I recommend looking into "executive disfunction".

    Might not fit your personal experience, but it can be nice to know when there's a name for a problem you're facing.

    I've wasted so much time just sitting, doing nothing, feeling overwhelmed. Having a name for that feeling was the first step for me to (at least somewhat) overcome it.

  • McDonalds removes AI drive-throughs after order errors
  • 1: Does IBM even have an LLM that would be considered "good" these days? Maybe they do, but I haven't heard about it.

    2: If this was in 2019, no wonder it flopped. Only very recently have we gotten to a point where this should've even been considered (and then, in my opinion given the current state of LLMs, dismissed).

    3: More than 100 stores were testing this?? Did they not think to start with like, one store and see if that worked at all?

    4: While a short-lived victory, this is still a win for people that rely on these jobs. Good for them.

  • Thoughts on the Fallout RPG?

    Picked up the Fallout RPG starter set, and I'm curious to hear people's opinions on it.

    From what I gather, it released in 2021, but the first time I saw it was in the store a few days ago - on display no doubt due to the success of the TV show.

    I've always been a fan of the Fallout setting, and from what (very) little I've read while flipping through the rulebook, it seems to be almost a mixture of d20 and Fate? The rules seem to have some crunch, while also allowing room for roleplay - again, from what I can tell at a glance.

    I'm curious if anyone here has run this game, and what you thought. Do the rules make sense in practice? Did you have fun with it? And if you played through the example module, how was it?


    Dynamic DNS vs Dedicated VPN IP

    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking into self-hosting, and I currently have dynamic DNS set up to point to my home IP.

    My question: is it worth getting a dedicated IP through a VPN?

    I'm pretty technically savvy, but when it comes to networking I lack practical experience. My thought is that pointing my domain to a dedicated IP and routing that traffic to my home IP would be safer - especially if I only allow traffic on certain ports from that IP. Just curious if that idea holds up in practice, or if it's not worth the effort.