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Trump picks Sen. J.D. Vance as his running mate
  • Hopefully, my state can now choose someone else who isn’t a dumbass. Or at least less of one.

    Also, loving this decision for the likes of Marje Green who has been doing all those pony tricks in hopes of Trump choosing her and she still didn’t get it.

  • At the zoo [Outbursts of Everett True, 1905-1927)
  • Some of them hold up, some of them not so much.

    As does any work over time.

    There’s, however, a difference in a depiction that was common at the time, versus outright racism. I mean, people still read about and rave over Lovecraft’s work and he was so racist that the other racists of his time used to tell him to chill.

    You take the good with the bad in things from another time. Enjoy what you can in the good and learn from the bad.

  • Be careful searching for this book.
  • If I played a Trek character, I would write a 10-novel series with my character as the main.

    And not some 60K-word/200-page things either. They would be monster tomes that would put GRR Martin to shame (especially, since I would finish mine).

  • What is your set up? How do you use Jellyfin?
  • Currently, everything is setup on my main desktop which is currently on a battery backup as well as my modem and router since we occasionally have a “blink” in the power which could frack up my entire setup. I’ll move to a proper NAS setup with a mini-PC eventually, but it’s not a priority.

    I use Jellyfin as a whole “Netflix” experience, where the library is always expanding and nothing ever leaves the library unless I just get annoyed (looking at you, Netflix ATLA). I’ve got about 20TB of space spread across three drives and backups of everything, so whatever sparks my whimsy to add to the library gets added. Someone quips, “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica” and I think, “Hm…maybe I should Battlestar Galactica to my Jellyfin?” I add it, and it’s just there whenever I’m ready.

    I’ve shared with 8 friends and family so far. They don’t all use it constantly; some forget about it, some watch it all day and night for like 5 days in a row, some ask for something and watch immediately, others ask for stuff and don’t watch ever.

    I have to add that Jellyfin has actually been life-changing for me. Prior to Jellyfin, my solution was a cheap laptop attached to each TV in the house that held a fair amount of my total content via smaller external drives, and there was no cohesiveness, so I could never “get into” shows because I’d have to remember where I’d left off, and make sure the files were copied to the relative laptop, or somehow try to stream from the main desktop through Windows Network which didn’t always connect.

    Now, have access to every single part of my collection on all three TVs, and share with my friends and family who have given up on paying for 7 different streaming apps, and also I have access to everything when I travel.

    I just wish that I was adept in some language so I could actively help with a project I love so much. ☺️

  • For those who lurk on Reddit - my ad-free, open source Reddit viewer RDX is an iPhone app now
  • How does this app work given the API costs? How does it manage to not deliver ads?

    I ask because, while I’ve currently embargoed myself from Reddit, I’d like to have some details noted so I don’t fall in love with this and then get hurt again.

  • Mass Effect Show- Episode 3

    Episode 3 in my Mass Effect show.

    Link to the playlist for the previous episodes.

    Comments are welcome!

  • I don’t think she was a bad actress, but she was “cluttering up” the bridge. Worf was always a far more interesting character and, once she was gone, Worf got to shine brighter.

  • Introducing: The Mass Effect Show

    I’ve put together The Mass Effect Show, featuring my Leah Shepard. A fair amount of effort has been put into removing many of the “game” elements and make this more cinematic.

    Weekly “episodes” planned through ME1-3. Any positive feedback is welcome as I’m an extreme novice in video editing. Cheers!