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friendly reminder
  • I don't really use the term myself because I find it too vague. People shift what they mean when they use it so I stick to the actual concepts I'm discussing. The existence of a state for Jews and apartheid settler colonialism are morally polls apart.

  • friendly reminder
  • I'm very opposed to Israels current actions. I don't think Israel should have been created. I think they are guilty of genocide and apartheid. None of that makes is OK to talk of dismantling Israel. The fact that they have committed hateful crimes against humanity does not justify visiting similar crimes against them. You cannot just dispossess a whole people of their land. It's a crime when Israel does it and it would be a crime to do it to them, too

  • Stonehenge sprayed with orange powder paint by Just Stop Oil activists
  • It's not surivor bias. Unsuccessful protestors weren't all killed. And no, we're not fighting all the same issues: gay rights, woman's rights, workers rights, racial equality have all made huge strides over the years and protests have led those changes. That's the truth that you need to face. Read up on the civil rights movement for a good example, or emancipation for women.

  • Race to unseat New York progressive ‘most expensive House primary ever’
  • It fits the definition of Genocide. Experts in the UN say it's a genocide. Human rights organisations say it's Genocide. The ICC says there's a prima facie case that it's Genocide. Unless you have some unique perspective to add here I'm just going to assume that you're a Genocide apologist

  • 376 boys in blue sat around and let 19 kids and 2 teachers die
  • I noted another poster who.was from Norway complaining that his kids have picked up ACAB despite being from a place with a markedly better police force than the US. I'm in NZ and the same thing has happened with my kids. You may be just talking about the US context but the Internet is borderless