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  • Aren't grenades supposed to sing to you?

  • few more desolate places on earth
  • Cars sometimes leak poison :(

  • RISC-V chips will support replacing RAM sticks without powering off the system — hot plugging functionality arriving in newer flavors of Linux
  • The surplus enterprise hardware I have in my homelab takes 3 minutes to just get to BIOS

  • Spamming, by the tankie definition: "Posting something once, but it's something I dislike >:( "
  • Because they are committing genocide against Palestinians

    It may come as a shock but both Israel and the Hamas are bad and need to stop

    There is no good here, only death

  • Spamming, by the tankie definition: "Posting something once, but it's something I dislike >:( "
  • If you hate terrorists then what the fuck are you doing defending Israel like this?

  • Ruleney Toons
  • Seems likely given the Bridgeport in the back

  • Nature is beautiful
  • Https cert error :(

  • History repeats itself.
  • Also I'd like to point out, I've been doing some digging and I can't seem to find a crash test rating for an actual japanese made kei truck, found one for some kei cars and they did decent ( but I can't find any similar videos for trucks

  • History repeats itself.
  • Oh I wasn't trying to add anything to the conversation, I was just confused because you didn't know the second most basic thing about kei cars and yet here you are telling people to do their research before speaking

  • History repeats itself.
  • Kei is a legal classification and not a company???

  • NASA selects SpaceX to build deorbit vehicle for International Space Station
  • I would pay damn good money for a thinkpad that has been on the ISS

  • My laptop hinge just ripped its screws right out.
  • Yep, happens a lot, I've got a cute little pair of nuts that replaced the inserts in my thinkpad

  • Motion Picture Association Hires FBI Official to Lead Anti-Piracy Efforts
  • VRV was looking to be exactly what you are talking about, then Sony wrecked it

  • The moon
  • Some say those artists are still bickering about it to this day

  • We need this level of energy. All the time...

  • Lindroid is an Android app that lets you run Linux in a container, with support for hardware-acceleration - Liliputing
  • Should be a decent improvement for privacy if all google sees you doing is running a Linux VM